What to wear to your wedding reception? Here are our 3 suggestions

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Styling for a wedding can make your head spin, but there is no reason to panic. The event involves a few rules, which will narrow down the choice of clothes and make it easier for you to choose something for yourself. Therefore, we have prepared some general remarks that will make the choice of outfit easier, as well as 3 suggestions that you may like.

Choosing your outfit for the wedding should be easier if you remember a few rules. First of all, the guest must not stand out from the crowd more than the bride, that’s why in the following styles we will reject flashy colors, accessories (jewelry, bags, etc.) and opt for slightly minimalistic, yet still beautiful and chic colors and cuts. Colors, depending on the season, should include powder variants. Blue or pink dresses are perfect. This is how we will dress in the summer, of course, to harmonize with nature. In autumn or winter we bet on red, navy blue or maroon

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Recently, you can see that the midi dress is particularly popular, which looks elegant and feminine. You can bet on such an outfit that will accentuate your figure, but rest assured, it will not expose unwanted things like your sides or belly. If you choose a midi dress, you must know that high heels will work best with it. Strappy sandals or pumps on a low stiletto will be a good solution and comfortable at the same time. The color of the dress can not be black, because this is dressed for sadder occasions or white, so as not to overshadow on this special day the bride herself, who, as you know, will be dressed most likely in a white wedding dress. Hit the powder and pastel colors if you are going for a summer wedding. Here, blues, pinks, greens and purples will be best. In winter, on the other hand, go for brown, maroon or shades of grey.


Maxi dresses stand out even more chic and elegant. Here, too, we will bet on pastel colors that will change depending on the season. Of course, white, light beige and ivory, etc. is reserved for the bride. Remember to choose a dress tailored to your figure, in such a way as to emphasize its assets, and cover up the imperfections. Depending on the nature of the wedding, and it is often specified in the invitation, you can look for different solutions in the topic of cut, such as one with a neckline on the back. It is worth mentioning that the dress for the wedding should defend itself – there is no need to flood it with a dozen accessories and accessories. Opt for minimalism. In any styling, avoid flashy jewelry, shoes, etc. If a solid pastel color doesn’t appeal to you, you can always choose a wedding party dress with a floral theme. However, as mentioned above, make sure that these things are not too intense and flashy.

The flared dress

This is also a popular option, chosen by tons of women. Nothing prevents you from pairing a flared dress for a wedding with a blazer, in this case necessarily short and fitted. Colors will be as indicated in the proposals above, and as for shoes, it is safest to bet on a high heel. When choosing accessories, still follow the principle of minimalism. An evening clutch bag, a modest watch and jewelry will be enough to emphasize your beauty and the whole styling

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