When is it a good idea to make an appointment to see a podiatrist?

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Podiatrist this name of the medical specialization still sounds quite mysterious to many people. What is podiatry and when should you think about visiting a specialist? Check it out and prepare well for your visit.

Who is podiatrist?

Are you struggling with health problems of feet and nails? Attempts to treat and care on your own did not bring the expected results? In this case, it is high time to think about a visit to the podiatrist. Specialist will comprehensively deal with your problems. Indications for such a visit include ingrown nails, corns, calluses, problems with foot sweating or hallux. If you suspect you have foot fungus, this is also a reason to consult a podiatrist. What is important, the scope of activity of such a doctor is really wide. Podiatrist on a daily basis works with other specialists, such as a surgeon or dermatologist. Podiatrist can perform a therapeutic pedicure, select the appropriate orthotic insoles or perform professional nail trimming. If you need to diagnose your feet and nails, a podiatrist’s office will perform bacteriological and mycological tests.

Visit to the podiatrist – what does it look like?

What can you expect from a visit to the podiatric chair? It begins with a detailed interview. The doctor will certainly ask you about past injuries, activity or lifestyle. This is already a good basis for making an initial diagnosis. The doctor will then proceed to perform a subaroscopic examination. Thanks to this device, it is possible to obtain information about the symmetry and load on particular sides of the body. An important part of the visit is also a dynamic examination. In this way, the specialist will check the gait pattern and the rolling path of the foot, as well as possible deviations – supination or pronation. Podiatrist will also check the vaulting and shape of the foot. In this way you can check whether you are dealing with flat foot

Plantograph examination

Another important stage of visit to podiatric specialist is examination of the plantograph. This allows to check static and dynamic pressure zones in the foot. Plantograph is a very useful device. It also allows to obtain information about the shape of the foot arch, its width and length. The last element of visit at podiatrist is usually orthopedic and physiotherapeutic examination. With its help, the specialist checks the mobility of specific joints in the foot, pelvic alignment or the presence of contractures or muscle atrophy

Visit to the podiatrist – how to prepare for it?

Since we already know how the visit to the podiatrist looks like, it is also worth mentioning how to prepare for it. It seems obvious that before visiting the specialist you should wash and dry your feet. Absolutely do not apply any lotions or ointments immediately before the visit. If you have painted nails on your feet, it is better to wash them off before the visit. This will allow you to assess the condition of the nail plate. As with any visit to a specialist, take your test results with you and have a list of current medications and supplements you are taking. Many people are stressed by such a visit and have to overcome their inner resistance. For many of us, this is a lot of stress, but wrongly so. Don’t be embarrassed by deficiencies in the appearance of your feet. Podiatrist is a specialist who will help to restore their attractive appearance. These types of problems are everyday life for him and he will certainly not judge you. What’s important, you don’t need a referral for such visit – although it may be suggested by another doctor

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