5 Styling Ideas for the Transition Period

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The transition from summer to autumn can be a tricky period when it comes to styling. However, we have prepared 5 sure-fire ways to get you ready for the cold weather and look stylish at the same time!

The cardigan – your best friend for the transition period!

For those chilly early autumn evenings there is no better solution than an open cardigan. It allows you to create a layered look that will keep you warm in cooler temperatures, and you can easily take off a few layers if you get too hot.

A long fleecy sweater with a plaid pattern is perfect for autumn. You can match it with a plain long sleeve blouse and your favorite jeans. Complete the outfit with a small handbag for the most necessary things and massive boots. The set for an early autumn evening walk is ready!

Trainer coat – an all-time classic!

The classic trench is the perfect outer garment for the transition between summer and autumn. Thin, double-breasted coat reaching to the knees and fastened with a belt is a classic that never goes out of fashion. Initially, it was worn by soldiers fighting on the fronts of the First and Second World War, but with time it also began to be worn by civilians.

It fits many occasions – both formal meetings and family outings to the park or shopping. To look stylish in trench, wear a hoodie and black jeans underneath. A long belt handbag slung across the body, a baseball cap and sneakers add extra flair to the outfit.

Slippers – shoes for both weather and bad weather

Weather in the first autumn months is not spoiling. You have to be prepared for unexpected rainfall. Consequently, it is worth remembering about appropriate shoes which are not afraid of any weather. Such model of shoes are slippers which cannot be missing in your closet.

Suede models will fit perfectly in autumn sets. However, you should remember about their impregnation. Jackets, similarly to trench, are universal and we can wear them both for elegant outings and every day. They look great with short skirt and thin sweater

Quilted vest – ideal for changing temperatures

Quilted vests are usually light, slim and comfortable to wear. No wonder that they are perfect for the transitional period. They protect us from the cold, but are not as heavy and overwhelming as jackets.

They will easily add a sporty, everyday character to your outfit. We can find them in various colors. So you do not have to bet on gloomy grey or black. You can easily liven up your styling by choosing a model in more vivid colors. Wearing it with a sweater and jeans, you can also wrap a soft scarf around your neck to keep you warm

The flannel shirt is back in style

Although lumberjack fashion is a trend from a few seasons ago, the flannel shirt can again be found in store windows. This time it more often takes the form of an outer garment, replacing a cardigan or trench. The colorful check will brighten up any basic styling and make you stand out from the crowd.

Underneath wear a plain blouse, light jeans and stylish boots. A hat with a large brim completes the outfit. In this look you can conquer the city without worrying about getting cold

Main photo: Nataliya Vaitkevich/pexels.com

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