Monica Bellucci – we look at the achievements of the Italian beauty

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Monica Bellucci has been one of the most beautiful women in the world for years. The timeless, classic beauty of the actress delights women and men from different regions. However, amazing beauty is not all she has to offer. Over the years she has starred in many productions and won awards for her acting performances. Let’s take a look at her professional life! What didn’t you know about the pretty Italian?

Monica Bellucci – a huge talent

There is probably no person who does not know what Monica Bellucci looks like. For years, the Italian has been an icon of beauty and a great actress who excels in playing different roles. Her exceptional acting creations have been remembered by cinema fans for years.

Let’s start from the beginning. The actress was born into an Italian family in 1964. Her mother was a housewife, and her father was the owner of a shipping company. Monica has no siblings, so her parents invested heavily in her education. The woman graduated from law school, but in order to support herself while attending university, she took a job as a model, and that’s how the big world noticed her! The new occupation was so appealing that she dropped out of college and moved to Milan to develop her career. 

For many years she posed for the biggest fashion magazines in the world. In 1994, she had another breakthrough, managing to get her first role in a crime comedy. At first she played only episodes, so that in 1996 she spread her wings for good and decided that she was putting everything on the line.

Monica Bellucci on the big screen

Monica Bellucci’s first role, which gave her an award and a lot of fame, was the character of Lisa in the film “The Apartment.” At the time, the work won a BAFTA award in the category of best English-language film, and in 1997 the future star herself received a César nomination in the category of most promising actress. The beautiful Italian could also be admired in other French productions such as “Doberman” and “Like a Fish Without Water.” 

In 2000 she finally lived to see her first Hollywood role in the production of “Suspect.” After that, everything went almost at lightning speed, and everyone marveled not only at Monica’s beauty, but also at her acting talent. The woman wonderfully impersonated various characters, and was extremely credible. Among other things, she appeared in the film “Irreversible”, which resonated because of a very sharp and detailed rape scene, which lasted for several minutes! It must be said that the actress is not afraid even of such bold frames. 

In 2015, she became the oldest Bond girl in the film “Spectre.” Even at the age of 51, she made an electrifying impression, and everyone agreed that she was one of the most beautiful Bond partners. Since 2013, the actress has been a divorcee and has kept her private life out of the tabloids. She is also happy to be invited as a jury member at various film festivals, and can still be seen in numerous advertising campaigns. Currently, her daughter, who has inherited her mother’s beauty, is taking her first steps in show business!

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