Blush is the hit of the season – find out the trendiest shades!

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Blush is a must-have for a good make-up look. A healthy flush on the cheeks gives a woman an irresistible charm. What shades are hot this season?

Every season, different trends change. This applies not only to clothes, but also to cosmetics, and more specifically to their shades. Blush is undoubtedly the product most women reach for every day. So which shade should you choose in the coming months? 

The shade must match your skin and your mood

There is really no one shade that is the most fashionable. It is essential that the shade matches your complexion, but not only that. It is also important that the woman who applies it on her face feels comfortable and beautiful. According to experts, it is the attitude that adds the most beauty to a woman. 

Coral and peach blushes work best for women who like to wear warm-colored clothing, have copper, golden brown or blonde hair and prefer gold jewelry. Ladies with lighter skin will look better in light colors, while those with darker skin will look better in more saturated colors. 

Those with olive skin or who tan to this color should use warm shades of pink. Those with olive skin or with reddish tans should use warm blush shades, while those who are quite pale and have reddish tans should use cool shades.

Platinum blondes usually feel most comfortable in cold blush tones and look best in them.

Universal colors are in

Many women are not quite sure which blush to choose. That is why quite universal shades between pink and peach are very popular nowadays. And such can be considered the most fashionable, because they make every woman look natural, healthy and crisp. 

This season’s makeup faux pas is to use strong orange blushes, which look very unnatural, even kitschy. 

How do I apply blush?

Even the most beautiful shade of blush will not look good on the skin if it is not applied properly. Young women with firm skin should apply blush on the tops of their cheeks. Mature women, on the other hand, should apply it on the tops of their cheekbones. It is best to use a brush with diagonal bristles, which makes the application easier. Blush must be applied slowly, in layers. Then it blends perfectly with the complexion and will give the impression of a natural blush. Too thick a layer will make an unnatural blush on the skin which certainly will not look too good.

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