What is a Japanese manicure?

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Japanese manicure is a nail care treatment that will help your nails get a natural shine, regenerate and nourish them. What’s more, it can contribute to reducing splitting of the plate and accelerate its growth. Want to learn more about this type of manicure? Read this article!

This type of manicure is recommended primarily for people with nail problems, such as brittleness or splitting of the plate. However, it is worth remembering that this treatment can only be performed on an undamaged and having the appropriate thickness of the plate. Obstacles to performing a Japanese manicure will also be nail fungus, inflammation and healing wounds. 

What is such a manicure? 

Japanese manicure involves rubbing the nail plate with cosmetics designed for this purpose in order to strengthen it and make it shiny. This rubbing improves blood circulation, making nails grow faster and healthier. 

What does a Japanese manicure look like?

The first step before performing this treatment should be the preparation of the nail plate. It involves shaping the nails and removing cuticles. It is also important to mat the plate. Only at this point is it time for the actual treatment. In the first step, a small portion of paste should be applied with a special polisher. It should be rubbed in until the plate begins to shine. The important thing is to do it in one direction. Then a powder is applied, which is also rubbed in with the polisher. 

How long does the effect last?

The effect after a Japanese manicure lasts up to two weeks. This is not a long time, but it is worth noting that after it the plate looks much healthier than before the procedure. The manicure itself is not washable, and the effect is confusingly similar to nails after the application of a clear polish or conditioner.

How often to perform a Japanese manicure?

After a Japanese manicure, it is a good idea to repeat the activity three or four times. This is important because the natural ingredients on which the treatment is based penetrate deep into the plate and need more time to take effect. It is best to repeat the process every 2-3 weeks. However, if you notice that after this type of manicure your plate becomes thinner – it is better to perform it less often. 

Can you paint your nails immediately after a Japanese manicure?

Painting your nails after this type of manicure doesn’t quite make sense. The treatment itself beautifies the plate and makes it look like it’s been brushed with a clear polish. However, if you absolutely want a colored manicure – wait five days. During this time, the oiled plate will rest a bit, but it is still a good idea to degrease it before painting.

Can a Japanese manicure be done at home?

Yes, but is it safe? You can find plenty of Japanese manicure kits in online stores. You can confidently perform this procedure with them, but if you go to a beautician, you can be sure that it will be done professionally. The specialist prepares the plate and cuticles in the right way. If you do it in the wrong way, the manicure may not have any effect or even worsen the condition of the plate.

main photo: unsplash.com/Giorgio Trovato

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