How to decorate a living room in Scandinavian style?

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Scandinavian style is simple, practical and sparing in details there is a reason why so many Poles like this trend, using it in their own interior. How to arrange a Scandinavian living room?

Scandinavian style – what colors to choose?

What colors should reign in the living room arranged in Scandinavian style? In the interior can not miss white, various shades of gray, beige, celadon, pink and blue. These types of colors used in the room to brighten it up, optically enlarge it and put in a good mood, which is often lacking in Scandinavian residents – especially on rainy days. There is no place for dark or energetic colors (although black and navy blue decors are acceptable)

Scandinavian style furniture – simple and functional

A Scandinavian living room should not dazzle with splendor and luxury. According to this direction, the interior should be simple, quite sparing in decorations and encourage relaxation. What furniture is a must have for a living room in Scandinavian style? The room can not miss a comfortable sofa and an armchair with pleasant to the touch upholstery fabric. A coffee table made of light wood and pouffes should be placed nearby. A tiled stove in the center will create a cozy feeling. On the other hand, a white, wooden chest of drawers will accommodate many items. Comfort is very important – so buy only those things that provide us with comfort and put us in a good mood

Scandinavian style – only natural materials

Natural materials should prevail in a Scandinavian living room – glass, ceramics, wood, wicker are raw materials, which perfectly fit in this direction. It is worth choosing a wooden floor (for example from beech or maple). Natural boards covered with oil or white paint will perfectly reflect Scandinavian spirit. Wicker lamps will illuminate the interior, and a rug with a delicate pattern will encourage you to take off your slippers and provide a blissful rest for your feet

Plants for a Scandinavian-style living room

Scandinavian style refers to nature and ecology at every turn. What potted plants will add variety to a Scandinavian-style living room? A hollow monstera, ficus, ivy, monumental dracaena, various succulents and palms will look beautiful. It is worth placing our green specimens in minimalistic, ceramic or brick pots without unnecessary patterns – the plants themselves will be sufficient decoration. If we want them to stay with us as long as possible, we should adjust the place to their requirements and remember about regular watering.

Hygge accessories – practical and moderate

If we dream that Scandinavian style will settle down in our interiors for good, we cannot forget about thematic accessories, thanks to which the living room will gain a unique character. The comfort of relaxing on the sofa will be increased by numerous, soft, fluffy pillows in pastel colors. Scented candles and openwork lanterns are also a must-have detail. Your household members will surely like to reach for a warm blanket or a woven blanket. How to decorate walls? It’s worth to hang a mirror in a gray, distressed wood frame and a few white frames with family photos. We can diversify the look of windows with linen or cotton curtains, which in contrast to heavy, velvet curtains let a lot of daylight through

For whom the Scandinavian style living room?

Who will feel good in the Scandinavian living room? Anyone who likes simplicity, functionality and bright rooms. Scandinavian living room is maintained in subdued colors, equipped with furniture and accessories from natural materials. The Scandinavian aesthetic is simple, close to minimalism and nature

We hope that with a few of our tips you will arrange a unique living room in Scandinavian style, which will encourage all household members to spend time in it. There is nothing to prevent you from arranging other rooms in your house or apartment in accordance with this trend!

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