Swimming – why should you jump in the pool regularly?

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Swimming can be a lot of fun. In addition, it has a positive effect on our silhouette. If you don’t feel convinced about swimming yet, you should read this article!

Swimming and health

Swimming develops muscles and strengthens our natural immunity. It also helps to increase lung capacity and improves microcirculation. In addition, water is very relaxing and puts us in a good mood. Thanks to the rhythmic movements in the water, the heart rhythm calms down and blood circulation improves. When swimming, we inhale and exhale a lot of air, which oxygenates the brain and has a very positive effect on the respiratory system.

Swimming and water exercises are recommended for all people who suffer from obesity and excess weight. Many sports, such as jogging or climbing mountains, put strain on the joints. This problem does not exist when exercising in water, which means that overweight people can not only exercise for longer periods of time, but also that their knees and ankles are not strained.

Advantages of swimming

  • faster fat burning – during one hour of intensive swimming you are able to burn up to 600 kcal!
  • strengthening of muscles and joints – water gives the body moving in it natural resistance, thanks to which muscles and joints become stronger;
  • relieving the spine – despite the resistance the spine muscles are relieved due to the buoyancy of the water; therefore water exercises, including swimming, are recommended for people with degenerative spine diseases
  • improves body flexibility and motor coordination – in water you move a little differently than on the surface, where the earth’s gravity is much stronger, the buoyancy of the water makes it possible for you to turn virtually at will. Therefore, swimming can easily improve your flexibility;
  • stimulates the circulatory system – water surrounds the body while swimming and gently massages it, which has a very positive effect on the circulatory system;
  • reduces stress – swimming will help you get rid of everyday stress and will make you feel relaxed;
  • improves the efficiency of the respiratory system – a person who does not swim has a lung capacity of 5 liters, while swimmers have 11 liters. When you swim, you take in more air into your lungs, so you increase your respiratory capacity
  • improves fitness and endurance – practically our whole body works while swimming. To swim, not only do you have to move your arms and legs in sync, but you also have to do it with enough force. Thanks to regular swimming you will surely increase your condition;
  • sculpts your silhouette – while swimming, you use up to 40 muscles, one of them being straight and oblique abdominal muscles. If you want to have a beautiful waistline or the so-called radiator, it is necessary to buy a subscription to the nearest swimming pool;
  • eliminates cellulite – in the case of cellulite, a very good combination is cosmetic treatments and exercise, but swimming alone will also give you amazing results; water massage improves circulation, nourishes the skin and firms the body

Swimming for better well-being

This is a sport that can be recommended to both young and old people. It has been proved that swimming influences the secretion of serotonin, which has an energizing and calming effect on us. A swimming pool is a good place for meditation – the gentle sound of water and the possibility of immersion in water makes the body and mind relax. So if you have a small pool in your area, be sure to use it for meditation or simply drifting on the water. Floating and floating on your back is very calming and puts you in a good mood.

If you are going to start your adventure with swimming, you should try aqua aerobics. It is a combination of exercises in water and dancing to the rhythm of music. During one exercise session you can burn up to 800 kcal.

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