How to quickly decorate the interior in Provence style?

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Do you want to change something in your apartment? Do you want to add coziness and warmth? Or maybe you are just bored with the current decor? In this article we will help you to quickly make changes!

Provencal is one of the most charming interior design styles. No wonder, because it draws inspiration directly from the most picturesque region of France. Idyllic climate, stylish stone houses with wooden shutters, lavender fields and green hills that encourage long walks. This style is romantic, cozy and very elegant. So how do you incorporate it into your interior?


Natural wood tones dominate the interiors, so rooms are always warm and cosy. Apart from that, creamy white, ashen grey, pale violet, powder pink, turquoise and blue dominate. It is not uncommon to find browns, cherry red and plum shades as expressive accents.

If you want to quickly introduce a bit of Provence to the interior, focus on accessories, such as cushions in the mentioned colors, floral wallpaper, linen tablecloths and curtains, as well as objects with character, such as vases, frames or lamps found in antique fairs. All this will add a bit of nostalgia and character.


This is mainly classic wooden chairs, tables, dressers, cupboards, glass cases or shelves with a collection of porcelain plates and cups. If you have an old cuckoo clock, rocking chair or old paintings, it will all be a perfect complement to the Provencal interior.

Ceiling beams, wooden doors with brass handles, chests of drawers with metal accents, and unique items that have been gently eroded by time will be interesting decor elements. Therefore, do not be afraid of cracked countertops, faded fabrics or scratched fronts. After all, all these things give a Provençal-style interior a unique atmosphere.

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