Emmanuelle Alt – style by the editor-in-chief of French Vogue

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Vogue is the most popular fashion magazine in the world. It features the latest news from the world of fashion, designer launches and the most fashionable styles. Meet the phenomenal style of the editor-in-chief of French Vogue – Emanuelle Alt

Minimalism in its pure form

The editor-in-chief of French Vogue is definitely going for minimalism in fashion. Her outfits are frugal. She does not wear many layers, usually only a shirt or a T-shirt and a jacket. She is an advocate of classic Parisian style without unnecessary embellishments and modifications.

We must admit that her clothes look fantastic. Emmanuelle Alt is definitely able to defend her simple style and is not inferior to fashion icons who opt for more extravagant outfits.

Parisian Elegance

Emmanuelle Alt wears pants almost always, but this does not take away from the elegance of her outfits. Long pants paired with stilettos or heeled shoes create a great and very stylish but modern look. Another element of the style of the editor-in-chief of Paris Vogue is the jacket. Some people think that her style is not very feminine or even masculine. However, Emanuelle looks feminine and very classic in her outfits

Subdued colors

It is hard to find pictures where Emmanuelle Alt is wearing colorful clothes. Her closet is dominated by black. Sometimes there are touches of white, gray, blue or olive elements, but the woman very rarely combines colors with each other

Most of her public appearances and paparazzi photos show her in dark outfits regardless of the season. Depending on the weather, only the cuts and styles of her clothes change.

Characteristic accessories

Emmanuelle Alt does not shy away from accessories. However, she uses them in a very clever way so that they never dominate her outfit. Emmanuelle Alt often accentuates her waist with a belt, for example, on her coats. Hats are also a frequent accessory, especially for her autumn/winter outfits. She usually completes her hat outfits with black fabric gloves.

The editor is rarely seen with a handbag, much more often she can be seen with her phone in hand. If she decides to include a handbag in her outfit, it is small and always black. Accessories in Emanuelle’s outfits are not accents of color or glitter, but rather are supposed to emphasize her figure or simply match the outfit to the weather conditions.

Emmanuelle Alt’s favourite cuts

The French Vogue editor-in-chief has several cuts of pants, shirts and jackets that define her style. These include, for example, black fabric pants in the type of bell-bottoms popular in the 1960s. Alt also prefers simple boyfriend jeans and jackets of the same cut. When it comes to outerwear, Emmanuelle is most often seen wearing a black ramon jacket or a grey coat. In summer, on the other hand, she loves to wear loose, simple shirts and t-shirts

Emmanuelle Alt, editor-in-chief of French Vogue, is the best proof that in order to look elegant and stylish you do not have to blindly chase fashion. The woman opts for simple, timeless closet elements that look phenomenal regardless of the season or the latest trends.

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