How to store jewelry properly? Learn practical ways!

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Jewelry is an accessory that emphasizes the advantages of styling and gives it a feminine character. Jewelry collection should be well taken care of by regular cleaning and proper storage.

Putting away favorite rings or earrings in random places often results in not being able to find them later. Jewelry that is repeatedly left on the edge of the sink can be damaged or fall into the drain

How to store gold and silver accessories so that they will serve us for many years? Different types of caskets, boxes, hiding places and jewelry hangers may prove helpful. In the following article we will introduce the topic of proper jewelry storage and present the most popular ways to keep bracelets, necklaces and rings safe

Ways to store your jewelry

A dressing table with room for jewelry

The best way to avoid rushing to find the earrings you need or the brooch that matches your jacket is to keep your collection in one place. A good practice is to designate a special space where you will leave your jewelry. A dressing table that stands in our bedroom, bathroom or dressing room will work great for this purpose. Even if you don’t have such a piece of furniture at home, it is easy to organize such a women’s corner with a mirror and a desk or a small table with drawers

Keeping things tidy

Once you have designated a place, which will be perfect for storing jewelry, you should take care of its proper arrangement in drawers and boxes. The jewelry you own should be kept neat and tidy. A proven method is to segregate it according to the scheme we have established. We can arrange earrings, bracelets and necklaces according to their type, color or occasion, on which we usually put them. It will also be easier to arrange the jewelry inside the drawer or inside the casket

Choosing a jewelry box

Jewelry is best kept in specially designed jewelry boxes. Their interior is usually lined with a soft, velvety material so that jewelry accessories are not damaged or contaminated. Jewelry boxes also have a whole system of compartments, boxes and containers. Often additionally special cushions for watches and bracelets are placed in it. Thanks to this arrangement there is no fear that some element of our collection will get lost, as long as we always keep the casket in order. Currently in the offer of stores there are elegant caskets for jewelry, which will look beautiful as part of the decor in the bathroom or bedroom. A great option are locking boxes, so that our jewelry will be extra protected and we do not have to worry about its safety

Displaying jewelry

We don’t always want our beautiful jewelry to be tucked away in a locked jewelry box. Some ornaments are part of our everyday styling, so we like to have them at hand and in a visible place. Sometimes our jewelry collections are so beautiful and impressive that they can serve as exhibits in the apartment. For this purpose, jewelry hangers, which usually have an interesting, designer forms, are perfect. A hanger can be successfully placed on a dresser, cupboard or table. You can often find hangers made of metal, wood or ceramics, and even crystal, it will be a great decoration for interior in glamour style. A popular jewelry rack is a model resembling a hand, on which you can beautifully expose rings, but also pendants or bracelets. If in your collection we have magnificent necklaces, which must be spread out so that they do not get damaged, it is worth investing in a special jewelry bust. This will protect our specimen from tangling or deformation, which can occur when it is placed in a box. A similar function is served by an oblong display, on which we place precious bracelets, especially those decorated with precious stones

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