All shades of brown – how to create stylish sets for women over 45?

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There are colors and clothes just made for mature women. Ladies look and feel great in them. Age 45 does not mean that we have to decide on boring outfits. On the contrary. Mature women choose subdued colors, knowing their style, and in shades of brown they look extremely well

Shades of brown – how to love them?

Brown color is rarely chosen by young people. Much more often it is decided on by more mature women, who know perfectly their style and figure flaws. There are many shades of brown – the lightest one is beige, while the darkest one is ebony, which resembles shades of classic black. Depending on the chosen color, it masks imperfections, emphasizes the figure or lightens the complexion. Many women simply do not like brown or cannot find its positive sides. At the beginning it is worth to start with clothes which have only a small admixture of brown, such as beige. It is a warm color that suits almost every complexion. Clothes in this color are a great base for styling, which can be matched with other, darker elements of clothing. If you love dark colors, it is worth choosing brown shade of brown. On the other hand, chestnut and chocolate are colors that contain a touch of deep red

How to create styles in shades of brown?

The monotonous nature of brown can be broken with other contrasting colors. A good idea is to use brown clothes as a base and then add contrasting elements, such as cobalt or deep red. Colors with strong saturation look great with shades of brown. First, however, you need to create the basis for the entire outfit. So what clothes should every woman over 45 have in her closet?

  1. Shirt dress

Shirt dress is one of the best suggestions. It covers the whole silhouette, so it is an ideal base garment. It has a universal cut that emphasizes the whole figure. It is equipped with a collar located close to the face. Thanks to this, the brown color draws attention to the face, which in juxtaposition with it seems younger and more radiant. The shirt dress is completed with a leather belt fastened at the waist. It perfectly emphasizes the proportions of the figure and covers its shortcomings. On colder days brown dress can be matched with chocolate boots, and as an outer layer – denim jacket or beige checked trench. For elegant evenings, it is recommended to put on a black leather jacket or a jacket, and to wear high-heeled stilettos. Complete the look with a decorative handbag and delicate jewelry. Flat sole moccasins look great with shirt dress

  1. Brown cigarette pants

This cut of pants is loved by women all over the world. They look great in chestnut or beige shade. The cut is characterized by tapered legs, thanks to which it fits almost every figure. For slim women it emphasizes legs, on the other hand, for fluffy women it masks a slightly protruding belly. What to match cigarette pants in shades of brown with? This is another universal piece of clothing. It looks good in combination with almost every part of clothing. For everyday wear beige cigarette pants should be matched with fitted white shirt or oversize sweaters. You can combine them with contrasting colors such as magenta or blue. Match with flat soled moccasins, or elegant version with high heels. Pants in a darker color are additionally slimming, while lighter ones emphasize the proportions of the figure

  1. Jacket

This is an accessory created for every woman who likes to look elegant every day. A jacket with a classic cut in beige adds chic and class. Closet should be equipped with several jackets in different shades of brown. They are a great base for many stylings, because they can be matched with almost any color. They look good both in sporty and elegant version. In the sporty version, casual style shirts in energetic colors, such as orange, green or red, should be worn under the jacket. On the other hand, for the elegant version it is recommended to combine the jacket with a shirt of an equally subdued color, such as navy blue. Jackets should be matched with dresses, they often play the main role in such stylizations – they emphasize the waist, thus improving the proportions of the figure

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