Martha Stewart – why does her lifestyle inspire thousands of women around the world?

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She has proved to many women that working from home can be a passion. Martha Stewart is the first American billionaire to impress others with her self-denial. She earned her fortune on her own and demonstrated her possession of a business vein. Despite being in prison, she did not give up. In this article we explain why the billionaire’s life is so inspiring. 

Where does Martha Stewart come from?

Marta Stewart has Polish roots, and she never hid it. She has repeatedly passed on her knowledge of Polish cuisine to others. The woman was born in Podkarpacie and was originally named Martha Helena Kostyra. She was the daughter of immigrants. Her home was governed by strict rules set by her father. It was he who infected the billionaire with a passion for gardening. Culinary skills, on the other hand, the woman learned from her mother and grandmother.

Martha was taught hard work all her life, and she took this lesson to heart. In college she found a way to make a living and began cooking and cleaning in the apartment of two elderly women. She received a roof over her head for her work. However, she quickly changed her profession and began a career as a model. She had the aptitude for it – she was beautiful and shapely. She quickly became successful in the industry. Even then she showed that she had a knack for business, as she managed to negotiate a salary of fifty dollars per hour.

Martha Stewart’s family

While still in college, Martha met her love. He was Anthony Stewart, whom she married. Soon they had a baby girl – Alexis. A few years after this event, the woman decided that she did not want to devote her entire life solely to raising a child and working at home. She started a career as a stock broker. She had a not inconsiderable profit from this, but soon stopped making money this way. She bought a house with a garden and decided to combine business with her passion. She started running a catering company with her friend. With the help of other women, the business managed to flourish.

Martha’s book

The real ticket to success for the billionaire was to write a book. It was called “Entertaining” and concentrated information on organizing parties and taking on jobs. The woman, through her perfectionism, wrote it for as long as two years. The book became a worldwide bestseller. Soon after, Martha published further volumes.


In 2001, the woman’s foot slipped. Martha Stewart was accused of obstructing an investigation into the sale of shares in a pharmaceutical company and of spreading confidential information. She was jailed for five months. However, this did not defeat her character. She did not lose her fans, and even gained new ones. This is why she is so inspiring. It’s worth following in her footsteps, with your head, of course – to avoid going to jail!

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