These hairstyles age you by up to 10 years – ditch them fast!

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The wrong haircut can add years to your face. It is important to know your face shape because with a well-cut hairstyle you can emphasize your assets. This is not always obvious to every woman.

Unfortunately, it often happens that women insist on wearing their hair like a popular singer or celebrity instead of choosing the right haircut for their beauty. Unfortunately, they forget about the different shape of their face and the fact that celebrities usually pose for a photo shoot or catwalk after spending several hours styling their hair. In this video, we show you which hairstyles are aging and should be avoided!

Know Your Face Shape

Hair stylists and barbers agree that there are hair styles, which do not look good on the vast majority of people. Without elaborate hairstyling, they are bound to accentuate the imperfections of any face or visually add a minimum of a few years. While some of these styles used to be very fashionable, it’s hard to imagine styling your hair this way nowadays. In addition to looking like a person from the previous century, it will also make us look decidedly older. It is better to listen to the advice of professionals and avoid certain cuts, opting instead for other ways to enhance our natural beauty

The most important element in choosing the right cut or arrangement is to know your face shape. People who have an elongated, slim and sometimes even skinny face should opt for medium or long hair. Someone with an elongated, slim or sometimes even skinny face should go for medium or long hair. Such people should avoid straight or short haircuts. In the case of round faces the hair should, above all, opt for visually longer faces. Hairstyles with a lot of volume on top of the head are ideal. Fairer faces also benefit from the use of thinned-out, longer hair in the back. An experienced stylist will surely help you find the best hairstyle for your preferences

Popular Hairstyles that Age

Unfortunately, despite the willingness of a hair stylist to help, not all ladies avoid making mistakes. A hairstyle can go wrong, whether it’s a coloring or a cut or an updo. Here are some of them:

  1. French Chignon

This is the hairstyle often chosen by women working in big companies, teachers or those employed in accounting. The reason? It’s an easy and quick updo. Unfortunately, it’s been out of fashion for a long time and it makes you look older. The French chignon is very stiff and is associated with older governesses. It’s much better to try a looser, more natural and lower chignon

  1. Teased hair

While this was a popular way to add amazing volume to your hair, popular in the 70s and 80s, it’s definitely not worth it these days. Backcombing severely damages hair and breaks its structure, making it difficult to go back to normal hairstyles afterwards. The backcombing is often enhanced with hairspray, which weighs hair down and makes it even stickier. The effect will probably be the opposite of what was intended, and the owner will look at least a few years older than she really is. It is best to use modern volumising mousses, sprays, foams and powders to enhance the volume of your hair

  1. Parting in the Middle

One of the most controversial points, the centre-parting currently has both supporters and opponents. The reality is that only those with an ideal oval face shape with a symmetrical eye line will look good with this parting. Still, it doesn’t change the fact that this is a hairstyle we associate with turn-of-the-century movies rather than the latest trends. This hairstyle definitely looks better on young girls. We advise against it for mature and older women

  1. Permanent Hair Removal

Ondulation, the permanent change of hair structure by using chemicals, was the absolute hit of the 1980s. All women, regardless of their beauty, wanted luscious little curls like the popular stars and singers. However, as the years passed, the perm became synonymous with kitsch and a complete lack of style. Especially for mature ladies with short hair, perming automatically adds a few to a dozen years

Although the list is long, there are four common mistakes that make women gain up to ten years. It is always a good idea to talk to your hairdresser and ask for advice.

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