How to strengthen immunity?

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The fall and winter months and the beginning of spring are a difficult time for our health. During this time we are susceptible to cold and flu. Moreover, the current pandemic situation requires us to take even more care of our health and support the immunity of our body. How to do it?

Reduce stress

Paradoxically, in this day and age, stress is one of the main culprits responsible for lowering the body’s immunity. This is because constant tension causes disruption of hormonal balance. Their concentration in the blood can lead to inflammation and, consequently, to lower immunity. Therefore, before you reach for a number of vitamins and dietary supplements, first eliminate or at least significantly reduce stress in your life. Try to relax more, get more sleep and find an interesting hobby that will keep you occupied.

A varied diet

If your meals are not varied, or are based on highly processed products such as sugar, trans fats or nutritionally deprived breads, sweets and sweet drinks, it is unfortunately a simple way to weaken the body. What you eat has a huge impact on your health, mood and figure. Therefore, eat good-quality protein in the form of fish, poultry or legumes, as well as healthy fats such as nuts, avocados, olive oil or carbohydrates: groats, wholemeal bread. Remember also to enrich each meal with vegetables and fruits. They will be the best supplements that will provide the best absorbed vitamins.

Physical activity

Walking, cycling or exercising at medium intensity can protect against many diseases, especially those related to the circulatory system, heart or blood pressure, but also support the immune system. In addition, regular activity has a positive impact on your mood and figure.

Vitamin D

It is worth to supplement it from September to May, because it is its deficiency that promotes infections. Moreover, it has a beneficial effect not only on the immune system, but also on your mood.


Cod liver oil is a wealth of valuable fatty acids and vitamins A and D. Tranium has a regenerative effect so it is recommended not only to strengthen immunity but also to all those who have had serious surgery. Tran will also be helpful for people who live under constant stress.

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