The most important manicure trends for autumn 2022

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Manicure trends change as fast as the seasons. If you want to keep up with them, you need to follow what influencers, especially foreign ones, are wearing on their nails. This time we did it for you. Let’s see what’s coming up in fall fashion and is it worth betting on color? Here are hot suggestions for the autumn season 2022!

Autumn manicure – classic or clawed?

In autumn, nails are usually painted in more subdued, darker and warmer tones. Will this be the case this year as well? According to the announcement of manicure gurus, thanks to one of the models, namely Hailey Bieber, we can count on a small revolution that is already slowly entering our lives. It’s all about shiny, pearlescent nails in one color, which not long ago seemed a relic. Now they can be spotted by many trendsetters from overseas.

Our bloggers have also picked up this trend and are eager to use it at home. As for the shape, it is worth adjusting it to your needs, the size and length of your natural tile. Then they will look the most favorable. However, this is not the end of the trends for this year.

Nails for the autumn woman!

Autumn nails are governed by their own rules. They directly relate to the colors of this season. In the coming season, which is fast approaching, shades of burgundy, burgundy, as well as darker versions of blue will reign supreme. They look great in combination with gold, as well as dim yellow. You can also meet classic French, which never goes out of fashion. It goes wonderfully with small brown patterns. Ornaments such as leaves or twigs are also worth remembering. It’s also good to add a touch of elegance with brown and nude in the lead role.

You can go wild with colors and paint each nail in a different warm hue, from dark brown to gray to beige. Women around the world have also fallen in love with greens, they too, combined with bright motifs, will perfectly decorate the hands. It is also impossible not to mention the French in color version, that is, those that combine greens and maroons. Hands will then be elegant and very trendy.

How about going wild and juxtaposing pumpkin color with maroon? Such a mishmash looks great on longer nails. But this is not the end, there is also a new shading, the so-called side shading, which combines contrasting colors, and the connection between them is strongly visible. Maroon and white looks perfect then. 

In the autumn season you will also meet matte embellishments, which look great in dark versions such as grays and blacks. Especially the latter color is coming back into favor in a big way. It is deep, saturated and so dominant that even light patterns made in a faded yellow color will only bring out its depth. Autumn, therefore, promises to be very crazy, and certainly manicures this year will play a significant role in creating styles and even matching jewelry.

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