Three tendencies that destroy a relationship

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Are you wondering if everything is okay in your relationship? If you are thinking about it, it is a sign that you are aware of your relationship and the work that needs to be done on it. Sometimes troubling behaviors are subtle and invisible at first glance. However, if you do notice them, don’t be afraid to have difficult conversations and consistent behavior aimed at improvement. Here are three tendencies that can ruin your relationship


Unfortunately, this is a common problem that manifests itself in ordinary situations. To begin with, your partner may do it unintentionally, without any reason or thought. Usually, petty malice thrown between each other is the cause for concern. Often a woman will complain to her man that he messes up too much, and a man will accuse his woman of spending too long in the bathroom. There can be many reasons to be spiteful

Disrespect manifests itself when the other person doesn’t quite know whether their partner is completely serious or perhaps joking. If you have such a sense of humor and petty mischief doesn’t humiliate you or spoil your mood (because you know it’s a joke), you don’t have to change it. However, it is worth remembering not to overdo it

Other behaviors that show a lack of respect are rolling your eyes when your partner talks about something exciting, interrupting you in mid-sentence without considering your other half’s opinion, or simply ignoring you. Respect in a relationship is extremely important. Each party should be treated the same and be aware of it. Partners can be very different – in their dreams, talents, aspirations and abilities. In a healthy relationship, neither partner thinks they have to prove anything. What’s more, they have the belief that they are valuable. Otherwise the relationship can burn out very quickly and the humiliated partner will leave

Lack of interest in the other half

This is another tendency that negatively affects the relationship. Studies have shown that indifference can cause almost physical pain to the other person. To make matters worse, an indifferent partner often sees nothing wrong with it. Any reaction is better than indifference. It can be a smile, anger or irritation. Even arguments are needed in a relationship because it is a sign that partners care about each other

It is also not about spending every moment with each other, having similar dreams and aspirations. But it is worth being interested in the other person, his work and dreams. Support him or her in professional pursuits and passions. Complaining about the other person and the lack of energy to act are signals that something bad is happening. It is worth keeping this in mind when we once again ignore a loved one. We should also remember that indifference is associated with hatred. Lack of interest is the first step to feeling resentment towards feelings and emotions. It marks the beginning of the end of a relationship

Lack of trust in a relationship

Lack of trust adversely affects the relationship. This is referred to as chronic mistrust. Often the relationship becomes unstable due to lack of trust and constant suspicion from the other half. In turn, the distrustful partner loses his or her sense of security. Doubts about the partner that arise over time do not bode well for the relationship. Love, spontaneity and faith in each other’s strengths disappear from the relationship. Partners become each other’s enemies, where one does something to spite the other. This is a tiring situation for both parties

The distrustful partner feels abandoned, while on the other hand the partner who is suspected of cheating may feel cornered. Suspicion may be psychologically justified. It may be due to a partner’s past behavior, such as a tendency to cheat at the beginning of a relationship. This is just one of many possibilities. Lack of trust can stem from a partner’s behavior or be a side effect of past relationships if they were not among the healthiest

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