What to keep in mind when choosing handbags for an outfit?

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The ideal outfit is one in which all the elements work together. They should match each other in terms of color, but stylishly. Few people know how to choose a handbag for styling, and this is a very important element that should not be overlooked. If you want to shine, find out what you need to pay attention to when matching a handbag to an outfit!

Complete styling, or how to choose the perfect handbag?

So, both footwear and handbag must perfectly harmonize with the rest of the styling. Let’s focus on handbags, which are quite difficult to match with an outfit. This item of clothing is one of the favorites among women around the world. No wonder, it has many forms, colors and designs, and on top of that, you can hide all the most necessary things in it.

In order to perfectly choose a model for styling, it is necessary first to divide handbags by occasion. For the evening, a small model will definitely work better. Clutch bags are often used then, but not only the classic ones. In fashion there are even microscopic handbags or those richly decorated with a place for fingers to hold it more comfortably. You can also choose a shoulder version, in which case a thin chain as a belt works best. It will be more elegant and stylish. 

On the other hand, for everyday use, choose larger versions or comfortable postcases, in which you can easily fit all the things you need, such as your phone, wallet, tissues, lipstick and tampons. Baguettes or large shopper bags, in which you can even carry your laptop to work, also look great. As for the color scheme, it’s a good idea to match them with the color of your shoes. This is a rule that has been in place for years and is still valid. This makes the outfit cohesive and shows that you have an amazing sense of taste and fashion.

Handbag and body shape

In addition to matching the handbag to the occasion and colors, it is also extremely important to match it to our height and even body shape! All these elements will allow you to find the perfect model for you. In this case, the practicality of a particular model goes into the background, it is important that this accessory looks great and does not overwhelm short ladies or disappear against the background of those very erect. 

So, short women should avoid very large handbags, which may simply prove uncomfortable for them during use. On the other hand, a fatter woman who puts on a small handbag may appear even larger than she really is. A small size will draw out all the shortcomings of the figure and make the whole thing look bad. It is worth choosing solutions that fit your size, so you can create a unique styling.

main photo: unsplash.com/Krzysztof Hepner

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