Tweed jackets are back in fashion

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Tweed is a material that is generally associated with men’s clothing. However, for some time now we can observe its growing popularity in women’s closet. The tweed jacket for women has been the latest fashion trend for several seasons. Check what you need to know about it before you buy it.

Tweed – what should you know about the material?

Tweed clothes are most often associated with England and Scotland. Not without a reason: it was there where the fabric was originally made, which was perfect for those weather conditions. Tweed is warm and resistant to abrasion and dirt. The popularity of tweed jackets in the British Isles has led to their association with English university professors.

Clothes made from tweed are thicker than clothes made from other types of wool. They are also heavier because of this. Originally, tweed clothes were worn by provincial people who especially needed warm and durable clothes

Tweed is a worsted wool, which makes it hard, rough and uncomfortable to the touch. Jackets made from it are usually in muted earthy colors: brown, green, olive, red. Typically comes in three patterns: herringbone, quilt and check. It is also extremely durable. Properly stored can last up to 100 years.

Each region has developed its own way of making tweed, so the fabric can vary from place to place. The most famous tweed, Harris Tweed, comes from the Outer Hebrides. Women’s jackets made from it have become a fashion symbol of Scotland. Equally popular is Donegal Tweed from the Irish county of Donegal. The most luxurious is Tweed Lambswool. Clothes made from it are worn by the wealthiest aristocrats.

What tweed jackets are in fashion?

Tweed blazers can usually be found in stores in one cut: single-breasted with large pockets and medium flaps on the sides. You can also find ones with a bar at the back of the waist and leather buttons. Tweed blazers are most often found in earthy colors, although they can also be found in slightly crazier shades. Double-breasted tweed jackets with two buttons are also very popular.

What to wear with tweed jackets and for what occasions?

Tweed jackets are a symbol of class, elegance and professionalism. They evoke such associations, as they were once worn mainly by professors of the best English universities. Today they can be worn to the office or to an important business meeting. They are made of warm material, so in autumn they will be a perfect outer garment

A leather skirt or pants will look great with a tweed jacket. Leather will break up the heaviness of the jacket perfectly and will look good with tweed. There is nothing stopping you from pairing the jacket with a denim or corduroy bottom. Underneath, it is best to wear a shirt or blouse in muted, light colors, such as white.

How do I care for my tweed jacket?

As you may have read before, with proper care tweed clothes can last up to 100 years. It is best to store the tweed jacket in the closet on a wide wooden hanger. If you want to wash it, follow the instructions on the tag. However, it is safer to return the tweed jacket to the dry cleaner.

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