Evening dress for different seasons – which one to choose?

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Each season is characterized by an individual style of dress. In summer, when it is warm and sunny, it is worth choosing lighter materials and colors. On the other hand, in autumn and winter, heavy and dark fabrics that emphasize the aura outside the window are advisable. See how to perfectly match the dress to the season.

Fashion and ever-changing trends pose additional challenges for every woman. On the world’s catwalks appear more and more interesting creations, and we ourselves are starting to approach various types of meetings differently. In the past casual meetings were not of a formal nature. Nowadays more and more often we go out with friends to the theater or to a restaurant, less often these are home meetings. Now it is necessary to pay more attention to matching the color and cut of the evening dress to the event

What evening gown to choose in winter?

Winter is a period of shorter and coldest days of the year. A common rule is that the evening dress must correspond with the time of day and the event. In winter we recommend choosing longer outfits with strong colors. The best are those with a maxi length in the colors of burgundy, bottle green, deep red, or strong navy blue. During cold evenings dresses made of taffeta-like material look great. They are heavy, which makes them even more reminiscent of winter days. The best are those with a mermaid cut, i.e. tight in the upper part of the torso, and expanding only at the bottom. What is more, lacy outfits look great in winter, as well as buffet sleeves and deep necklines are recommended. The whole creation should be finished with gold jewelry

Summer evening dress

In summer there are no forbidden things, although dark colors are not advisable. However, the freedom of choice is very high. It is necessary to take into account your figure. Women with narrow shoulders and smaller breasts can confidently wear strapless dresses for the evening. Their bottom should be flared, which perfectly emphasizes the figure. For owners of slim figures simple, minimalist cuts are recommended. Long fitted evening dresses with a high slit look great. What’s more, longer trims at the back add even more slimness to the dress. However, if you have a different body shape and your hips are wider, it is advisable to choose dresses with a visible waistline to emphasize your waist. Summer colors of dresses are gray, dirty pink, red and dove gray. The creations should be made of light, flowing materials that will not additionally weigh down the figure

Evening dress in the autumn season

Autumn is the transition period between summer and winter. For this time of year, it is advisable to choose a dress according to the occasion. It can be a business dinner, or a family wedding. Midi and maxi length flared dresses work well in the fall. They suit almost every figure, and those cutting off at the waist additionally emphasize feminine shapes. What is more, autumn is the time when delicately decorated with sequins or glittering applications are allowed. The material may be a bit heavier, after all, autumn evenings are not the warmest. This is the time when there are plenty of possibilities. It is in good taste to wear brown, red, or beige dresses. Each of them corresponds with the season and will look unique at the party. If you want to emphasize the character of the styling, it is worth making a stronger makeup. Red lips always add class and elegance

Spring Evening Dress

Spring is the most beautiful time of the year. The days are getting longer and the temperature is visibly higher. So what evening dress to choose? This is the time when we leave in the closet heavy materials and dark colors. Spring creation should be light and fresh. Recommended colors are light gray, violet, green, powder pink or peach. The fabric of the creation should be light and thin. Dresses that are looser at the bottom, but fitted at the bust and waist look great. They give slenderness to the whole silhouette

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