What carpet to choose for the living room? Trendy suggestions!

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Carpets add warmth and cosiness to interiors. Thanks to them you can designate the resting zone, as well as add character to the arrangement. Moreover, they are very elegant, stylish and increase the prestige of the living room. Which model will work for you?

A carpet is such an element of furnishing, which can quickly change the interior. Moreover, with their help you can add elegance, cosiness or luxury to the room. And what models are currently in vogue?


Currently very fashionable are vintage carpets. You can recognise them by their rich ornamentation. It is worth betting on those models, which have “abrasions”, or rather imitate that they are old, abraded and faded. This is currently a real hit arrangement, which will add character to arrangements in boho, rustic, eclectic, as well as Scandinavian style.


Carpets, like no other, add warmth and coziness to the interior. It is all thanks to their long, thick pile that encourages to step on it, as they are very pleasant to touch.

Carpets with geometric patterns

Models with geometric patterns are also very popular. These are perfect for modern and minimalistic interiors. They undoubtedly add class and style to interiors.


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