Enamel is back in the kitchen and on the table

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Enamel, which we best associate with our mothers’ and grandmothers’ kitchens, came back to our living rooms in a big style. No wonder, it is distinguished not only by unusual design, but most of all by its functionality. Moreover, it works well on modern induction stoves!

How do you recognize enamel?

First of all, you should know that enamelled pots are not entirely made of enamel. They are simply covered with an enamel coating. What’s inside is stainless steel. So why not stop there? What makes enamel pots different is that, unlike stainless steel pots, they are hypoallergenic and will not react with the food you cook in them.

So they are perfect for people with allergies, but also for the youngest and the oldest. Children and elderly people have to be more careful with the food they eat for the sake of their health – in this respect enamelled pots will be a hit.

Above all, safe!

You have probably already deduced that the greatest advantage of enamel is its safety. Apart from its hypoallergenic properties, this is due to its composition. This is because they do not contain any substances that could harm their interference with food. Whether it is the quality, taste or smell of the food you are preparing, with enamel you can be sure that the dish will not be altered in any way. Even in the case of sour ones!

Secondly – saving money!

No one is surprised that you have the same enamel pots in your family for several decades. It is hard to suspect a similar longevity of most modern kitchen equipment. In addition, the value for money of enamel is incredible. At a really good price, you are able to buy a set that will serve you for many years. This is a nice refresher after the functional, but not durable Teflon.

Third – temperature resistance!

A definite advantage of enamel is the fact that it distributes heat evenly over the entire surface of the pot, and at a rapid rate. Evenly heated food ensures that it is much less likely to burn. Last but not least, you can heat enamel to really high temperatures thanks to its resistance

When buying a new enamel pot, pay attention to whether it is suitable for the oven, according to the manufacturer. It may surprise you, but a lot of enamel pots are ovenproof!

When it comes to heat resistance, it’s not just about high temperatures. Have you ever damaged a pot by putting it into cold water while it was still hot? If so, you will be happy to know that you don’t have to worry about that with enamel. It is perfectly suitable for this purpose.

Fourth – perfect for induction!

On most enamelled pots you will find a mark indicating their compatibility with induction hobs. This is due to the material they are made of. As we mentioned earlier, enamel is just the coating they are covered with. In fact, they are made of carbon steel, and it’s ferromagnetic properties make them proven induction cookware.

Fifth – the variety of choices!

If you’re still not convinced about enamel pots, it’s certainly encouraging to know that you can easily find one that meets your needs. Whether you need a big pot or a tiny saucepan, enamel pots are the ones you should start choosing from. You probably won’t find another type of pot that offers as many different shapes and sizes. This is not only convenient when cooking, but also useful if you dream of having a collection of pots to match.

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