When is it a good idea to use cosmetic dentistry?

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A well-kept smile is a very important part of your appearance. Sometimes, despite taking care of your teeth, they do not look good. Dental treatments can help, which will allow for a quick and effective metamorphosis

How can cosmetic dentistry help?

Treatments from this field are suitable for many problems. You can use them if you have unsightly stains or you do not like the shape of your teeth. They will also help you get rid of diastema and any cavities. This is a good option for anyone who wants to change their smile in a quick way. In fact, anyone who has no health contraindications can take advantage of them

Before performing these procedures it is advisable to have all your teeth and gums cured. Sometimes you will also need orthodontic treatment. You will find out everything during the first consultation. You may also need to take a panoramic X-ray of your jaw. All this is done to achieve the best and most durable effect

What treatments are most commonly performed?

Cosmetic dentistry includes many procedures that improve the appearance of teeth. Examples of services that are performed in the offices are teeth whitening or veneers. Scaling, sandblasting and bonding are also used

Veneers are very famous in the dental world. They make a really big metamorphosis. Most of the customers are really satisfied. These are thin trays that are attached to the teeth. This is a very effective method to improve your smile. It works well when teeth are weak, discolored or too small. There are, for example, acrylic, composite or porcelain veneers

A treatment which is gaining in popularity is the so-called bonding. It is durable and effective. It consists in reconstruction of teeth with composite material. It is useful when you have uneven teeth shape and color. This is a non-invasive method. It is slightly cheaper than veneers but less durable

There are also various methods of whitening teeth. For example overlay, Beyond and Prevdent. They are often combined with each other for better results. They help with various types of discoloration. They change the color of teeth to a lighter one. This is one of the most popular solutions

How to choose the right dental office?

If you are choosing a dental office that performs cosmetic dentistry procedures, make sure that it is professional. It is advisable to suggest reviews posted online. Also look for suggestions in your close environment. The effects of the work of many dentists can be found on Instagram. Famous offices show there before and after photos. They also show the total cost of such a service. This will allow you to prepare yourself for the exact cost. The description also lists the specific treatments that were performed. The most common is whitening, veneers or bonding. There are also various hygienization packages. This will help you decide if this effect suits you. Some of the makeovers are really spectacular. Also browse the websites of dental offices in your area

Also observe if the dentist follows safety and hygiene issues. Sterile instruments and disposable items should be used during the procedure. Pay attention to whether your dentist is wearing nitrile gloves, for example. They should be changed after each patient. The dental visor used during the service is also extremely important. If the office looks professional and the staff cares about comfort and cleanliness, you can feel at ease

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