How do you start your day to be energized?

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Do you feel that you lack energy during the day? Perhaps you make mistakes upon waking up that affect the following hours. Check how to start the day to be full of energy!

Fatigue is a problem for many of us

Many women struggle with constant fatigue. No wonder. Very often we have a lot of responsibilities on our head. Many of us have to combine work and family on a daily basis, which can be really exhausting. If fatigue accompanies you every day, you should definitely not ignore it. Of course, you should start by getting yourself checked out – you may have some deficiencies. But if everything is fine in terms of your health, maybe the problem lies in the way you organise your day? You can ensure that you are full of energy for many hours in the morning.

The right amount of sleep is the key to success

In fact, before you go to bed you already decide whether you’ll have plenty of energy the next day. The secret, of course, is to get the right amount of sleep. Don’t sleep too short, but don’t sleep too long either. The optimal length of sleep at night is 6-8 hours

Morning exercise is a great idea

Plan your morning so that you have time for morning activity. It does not necessarily have to be a very long workout, but morning jogging or even yoga is a very good idea. It is well known that exercise releases happy hormones, so a day started this way will surely be successful. Choose the activity you enjoy the most, even if it is just stretching. Movement is health – and happiness!

A healthy, delicious breakfast

We say a definite NO to rushed breakfasts. You just have to make time for a nutritious, healthy and good-looking breakfast. We can assure you that it will make your morning that much better. Prepare what you love to eat for breakfast and plan enough time to eat it slowly, calmly and enjoy the meal. Who says only the weekend is the time for a royal breakfast? You will make every day special if you put some thought into preparing that first meal.

A moment for the mind

Many people also recommend taking time for your mind first thing in the morning. Don’t reach for your smartphone immediately upon waking up, although we know it’s tempting! Instead, choose 10 minutes of reading a book or an interesting article. This will allow your brain to wake up while also putting you in a good mood. The morning is a very good time for reading – why do we so rarely take this into account?

Drink water – just like that!

A simple way to have a better day? Make sure you are well hydrated first thing in the morning. No one doubts that it’s the absolute basis of our nutrition, and a cool way to have a better day. Water is always a good idea – for health, beauty and well-being

Relaxing on the way to work

Even while driving to work, you can take care of your relaxation. Play your favorite music, podcast, or audiobook in the car. Why not have a delicious cup of coffee on the way? This will definitely make you enter the new day much more relaxed and positive about your daily challenges

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