6 ideas for everyday styling in hot weather

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The Polish stars know how to create gorgeous outfits, even if the temperature is very high. Be inspired by these looks!

Summer hairstyles have their own rules. Here, the focus is not only on design, but especially on materials and cuts, whether they are suitable for the heat, when the sun is blazing.

It is best to choose slightly looser cuts, so that the air can circulate freely between our skin and clothes. Tight and very fitted models can be uncomfortable to wear and make us feel too hot and sweaty.

Fabrics that work well in hot weather include cotton, linen, viscose, silk, waffle fabric (seersucker), as well as organic modal, lyocell and cupro. Definitely stay away from polyester, polyamide, acrylic or nylon, which are artificial and unbreathable, leaving the skin unable to breathe.

We have checked out the celebrity hairstyles, which you should use when putting together your hot weather outfits.

Malgorzata Kozuchowska – white total look

The white total look is perfect for summer. The actress used the ultra-fashionable vest in a suit style. She completed the look with brown shoes and a bag. The look was stylish and classy.

The second proposal, also kept in light colors, is a bit more casual. The dress has a perfect cut, which fits every figure and perfectly balances the proportions. She accessorized the look with a hat, camel flip-flops and a cute little handbag.

Margaret Rozenek-Majdan’s Love for Shirts

Małgorzata Rozenek-Majdan’s hairstyles are largely based on shirts, which she likes to combine with shorts. If we do not want to overexpose our legs, it is enough to choose a cut with longer legs. Coming back to shirts, here you can go crazy with colors and patterns or bet on the classics, i.e. timeless white. Just remember to read the composition before buying. Many shirts available in stores are made of polyester. We also suggest a trick how to make the silhouette look better – just roll up the sleeves to the elbows and unbutton the shirt at the top. This will make you look lighter.

Magda Mołek with red dress

The star is repeatedly praised for her sense of style. She inspires many women. Her summer styling with a red dress is another hit. The emphasized waist, midi length, brown flip-flops and a wide smile are a recipe for fashion success regardless of age

Dorota Gardias – power look

The weather presenter decided on a fashionable and very feminine outfit – a jumpsuit. Not just any suit, but a strong color that perfectly matches her complexion and hair. Its cut is very figure-favorable – straight legs, a belt at the waist and a shirt top. You can easily change stilettos for sandals, flip-flops, espadrilles or even sporty sneakers.

Joanna Koroniewska – everyday, casual, calm

We often see Joanna Koroniewska in dresses and suits, but also in a sporty version. A tracksuit set – high-waisted shorts and a sleeveless top, as well as a salmon-colored braided bag and matching sneakers – will be perfect for the hot weather. The effect is very fresh and youthful.

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Main Photo: Dmitriy Ganin/pexels.com

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