Creating collages – where to start?

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Collage, or self-composition, is one of the most interesting art forms. How to get down to its creation? Find out more!

Art is a way to express yourself

Feel like doing something artistic in your spare time? Great – art is the perfect way to relax and express yourself, and something really interesting can be created. One of the most interesting forms of art is collage, which is the juxtaposition of different elements that do not necessarily have to be related to each other. Creating a collage is not complicated, and can provide a lot of fun. 

What do you need to create a collage?

To create a collage, you don’t need too many things. A sheet of paper, scissors, glue, and, well, materials. These can be scraps of paper, newspapers or photos. Maybe you also have some no longer needed photocopies, pens or pieces of cloth at home? They can also come in handy. The form of the collage is never imposed. You can do what is in your soul! Images, texts, a variety of textures. Art can be anything that comes within the reach of your hands. You can also draw or add various elements if you feel like it. 

Collage from photos is also interesting

Or maybe you like creating a collage from photos more than the traditional form of collage? You don’t necessarily have to do it on a piece of paper. A computer program will also be helpful. This is a great way to capture family memories. You can create a decoration for your home this way, or even better – a special gift for a loved one! 

In creating a collage, the most important thing is patience

Creating a collage, whether on paper or in a computer program, is supposed to be a form of relaxation, so don’t be in too much of a hurry. Allow each element to be taken care of and to have a definite place in your composition, even if seemingly random. Don’t be afraid of creative clutter – it definitely unleashes creativity! If you create your collage with a piece of paper, scissors and glue, let it dry for a day.

main photo: westfall

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