Colorful style by Iris Apfel

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Iris Apfel is an undisputed fashion icon who has become a mainstream favorite with her style and approach to life. the 99-year-old dresses according to her own rules and opts for clear, unconventional outfits. Her styles are widely admired and she has become a role model. She understands perfectly what it means to play with fashion, cuts and colors. That is why she has been dubbed the ‘colorful bird’. An amazing woman, charismatic personality, who proved that a retired woman should not feel transparent. Find out what is the phenomenon of the American businesswoman who knows how to attract the eyes of the whole world

Iris Apfel does not know what routine, boredom or banality means. Her style is an expression of great creativity, courage, and a break with conventions. The senior model’s trademarks are her trademark large frames, her lips accentuated with lipstick, and her multicolored outfits. Apfel’s styles are so unique that they were featured in an exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2005. Initially, the event was to be modest, but the owner’s collection was so impressive that it was decided to show more than 80 original outfits of the American businesswoman. One thing is for sure – Iris Apfel is not an ordinary pensioner, she has a head full of ideas and still realizes new projects. She gained international fame in her 80s and we have an impression that she still has a lot to offer. The New York native is known not only for her creative approach to her outfits, but also for her great sense of humor and sharp tongue

Who is Iris Apfel?

Iris Apfel was born on August 29, 1921 in New York City. Her life has been connected to the world of fashion, clothes and stylish accessories since she was a child. Her parents ran an elegant boutique that was very popular and popular. However, her professional career was in a different field, although she still loved to surround herself with beautiful and unique objects. She took up interior design because her taste and sense of style was a true gift, thanks to which she created unique arrangements. Over the years, nine presidents of the United States have used her services. Design was her great passion, each home became a special and unique place

Iris Apfel – the oldest fashion influencer

The fashion industry only discovered Iris Apfel when she was 84 years old. Her vigor and level of life energy, however, in no way indicate that the American businesswoman feels her age. As she herself points out, she is the oldest teenager in the world. After her exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the whole world heard about her and the phone rang with various proposals. The senior became a model, the face of a campaign and is often invited to fashion shows. Iris can also be followed on social media, where she gathers around her a community of millions of people who, just like her, love fashion and extravagant design

Style Lessons from Iris Apfel

  1. Don’t be afraid of bold colors

Iris Apfel’s fashion choices may surprise some people. Life is too short to limit yourself to just black, white and shades of beige. A yellow skirt paired with red tights and green accessories is a look that epitomizes Iris’ style. You may be surprised how seemingly incompatible colors can form a harmonious whole

  1. Eclecticism in fashion is always a good choice

Iris Apfel teaches us that putting different styles together can inspire us to create unique looks. The fashionista loves squat shapes, embellished cuts, and haute couture. The outfits are eye-catching and styled with taste and in Apfel’s characteristic aesthetics

  1. Jewelry is a great addition to any outfit

Iris Apfel loves to wear big jewelry. These are mainly souvenirs from her travels, so each item has sentimental value. She often incorporates ethno and boho elements into her styles. However, she is most fond of ornaments brought from Africa and the Far East.

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