Elegant alternatives to the dress

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Dresses are undoubtedly an element of closet that will work at any party – the elegant and the less formal. However, not everyone feels comfortable in it. Fortunately, designers of top fashion houses have prepared an alternative to dresses.

Original alternatives to dresses

Mini, midi and maxi dresses come in many patterns and cuts. But they are not the only ones that work well at elegant parties and banquets.

Stylish jumpsuits

One of the alternatives to chic dresses are undoubtedly stylish overalls. We can choose not only the long-legged options, but also the bolder, straight-legged ones, as well as the more customized bell-bottoms. Overalls go perfectly with high-heeled shoes. In combination with an elegant jacket they create a beautiful cocktail look. They can also be used in a less official version, with sneakers and a ramon jacket

The neckline is also important. The neckline may reveal the shoulders in the Spanish style. There are also strapless options, with thin ties and ties to one shoulder. In the version with a half turtleneck and open back the suit will create an elegant and unobtrusive, but eye-catching look. Elegant outfits are definitely those in solid colors, while varied patterns are better suited for looser occasions.

Beautiful coloured suits

One-color suits have been dominating Polish salons for two seasons! High waisted pants, oversized jacket and crop top are a hit this summer. They are perfect for elegant meetings, weddings and parties in clubs. On warmer days, shorts with higher waist, above the knee or shorter will also be a perfect choice. Match it with ultra-trendy high-heeled sandals and a glamorous braided bag, and you’re ready to go “to the salon”

Not only one-colored sets with pants will make a beautiful whole. Just choose colors that harmonize with each other and you can create an original styling, which will be a great alternative to classic dresses. Skirt-pants are also an interesting option. They offer more freedom than dresses, and will look just as beautiful and elegant, especially when paired with a matching jacket.

Skirts instead of dresses

Beautiful midi skirts go well with a linen shirt and delicate open-toe pumps. This style can replace a dress. Additionally, skirts allow you to match any blouse or shirt. Tiered skirts with slits on the leg and pleated midi versions are very fashionable this season. Interestingly, this length also suits short women

How to complete an elegant outfit?

Beautiful overalls, stylish suits, and flowing skirts are not everything. Shoes, which can be matched with elegant outfits, include timeless stilettos, but also pumps, sandals with small heels, oxford shoes and boots on platforms. Everyone will find something for themselves at the moment.

Remember that the long legs of your pants or overalls should match the height of your shoes. It is also important that the colors of outfits are not too flashy, shoes or bags can be an accent – preferably in a mini version. Elegant kidneys also look good.

Golden accessories have been dominating for several seasons. Large circles, bracelets consisting of several strings and lavish pendants and chains. These are the elements that complement an elegant outfit, especially one with a single color.

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