Floral motifs in hairstyles for mature women

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Clothes and accessories with floral motifs have been an unquestionable trend all over the world for several seasons. Flowers on clothing are no longer just a pattern on summer and spring dresses.

Designers increasingly use this motif also in their autumn and winter collections. Styling containing clothes with delicate flowers adds a lot of charm to a woman and natural delicacy to an outfit

Floral, or floral clothing, is a trend that grows in popularity with each season. It is worn on literally every item of clothing. It is not reserved only for young girls. Floral motif is so universal that it is present both in women’s and men’s fashion

Fashion for floral clothes

Fashion for floral clothes had its beginning in the 70s of the past century, since then the trend gradually returns to the favor of designers. In the stores offer is most often found on dresses, but recently very popular are pants, jackets and even entire suits covered with floral print. In spring and summer flowers on clothes are in bright, pastel colors, in winter and autumn they appear in combination with deep colors. On colder days, floral print styles look beautiful paired with autumn coats and boots or heeled boots

Many inspirations on how to wear floral, can be seen in the work of major fashion houses. The collections of Dolce&Gabbana, Valentino, Óscar de la Renta and Erdem are full of floral designs and motifs. A huge advantage of floral hairstyles is that it is very easy to stand out from the crowd. This is a proposal for women, who like to attract attention and have chic and fashionable clothes in their closet

Floral clothes for mature women

Wearing floral patterns is not reserved only for young and slim girls. Women of all ages look great in floral dresses. This type of clothing is fantastic for rejuvenation, adds freshness and livens up the styling. An oversize floral jacket will also be a great choice, which will go well with plain and simple cuts of clothes. Floral jackets can be an interesting starting point for building the rest of your outfit. In casual proposals it can be combined with jeans, skirts and dresses. Mature women should not be afraid of bold fashion choices. Turning 50 does not mean that some patterns or colors are no longer appropriate. It is worth breaking the stereotypes, playing with fashion and putting on clothes in which we feel comfortable, but also feminine. Floral closet pieces are a great option for women who like to follow trends, but also rely on practical and versatile models

How to wear floral clothes?

Colorful floral clothing goes well with solid outerwear and simple accessories. Wearing a striking floral dress means that the rest of the outfit has to match. The disadvantage of floral prints is that it is easy to overload the styling with too many patterns and colors. That is why with this type of clothes it is worth to bet on minimalism and simplicity. A great way to make the outfit look consistent and harmonious is to match for example shoes or a jacket, so that they duplicate the color of the floral pattern. Keep in mind that the size of the flowers on the clothes may distort the proportions of the figure. For people who want to hide excess weight, dresses and blouses with larger flowers and expressive patterns will be a better choice. For women with an hourglass figure the best choice are floral dresses with a cut off under the bust, which beautifully emphasize the waist and cover wider hips. Also this model will work well for ladies whose figure resembles a pear. For women who have a rather boyish figure without a clearly marked waist and hips a dress with small flowers in a simple cut will be an excellent choice.

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