Carnival manicure – check out this year’s trends!

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Pandemic prevents us from attending parties and indulging in the carnival frenzy. Who doesn’t miss meeting up with friends, dancing and going to her favourite pubs? To make this difficult time a little more pleasant, we have prepared something special for you! Nails that will let you feel the carnival atmosphere for a while!

Even though the coronavirus has thwarted your plans for this year’s carnival, it is not worth giving up on styling and simply doing something for yourself. This way you will feel beautiful and at work you will be able to show that despite the lack of parties you know what the trends are!

Deep and metallic green, purple, red, maroon, black and navy blue

These are the colors that have been very popular lately. It’s important that the color is full of depth, character, and finished with a metallic glow.

Galactic Nails

Like the previous ones, these have been getting a lot of attention lately. The depth and three-dimensionality that can be achieved with them is mesmerizing and delightful at the same time!

Matte nails

Elegant and extremely charming, matte nails are sure to appeal to minimalists. What’s more, this trend allows you to stand out from the crowd because it’s still a rare solution. If you want to add a touch of carnival madness paint two nails in metallic.

Glitter, sequins and embellishments

Glitter has definitely stolen the show this season, as all the luminous nails are the most requested by manicurists. No wonder, after all, they add a touch of craziness to office stylizations. However, for the latter, it’s worth betting on slightly toned down versions such as ombre.

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