Hairstyles that make you look younger – perfect for women over 45

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Age 45 is not the magic number after which everything changes. However, there are hairstyles that perfectly suit women of this age and effectively rejuvenate them. After all, you take care of yourself all your life, not just in your teenage years. So what are the best hairstyles for women of this age?

  1. Blunt bob

This is the hairstyle that has been hailed as the hit of the year. The length of the blunt bob ends just above the shoulder line, which is great for fine hair and excessively dry hair. Hair strands after the age of 40 start to grow more slowly and are therefore prone to damage more quickly. A blunt bob gets rid of damaged ends and gives the face a more youthful appearance. In addition, the blunt bob visually adds volume to thin hair. There is only one rule for this style: The hair must be cut evenly

  1. The Long Bob

In the long bob, the hair length ends just above shoulder level. The long bob can be styled in many different ways and is therefore particularly suitable for women over 45. The bob looks great both straight and slightly wavy. As for the parting, there is no rule. It can be placed in the center or asymmetrically to the side. Asymmetrical parting hides imperfections, if any. This cut should be worn behind the ear for added girly appeal. There is no rule about the length of the long bob. It usually reaches beyond the shoulder line, but if it is not damaged, strands can be much longer. The quality of the hair plays an important role in the look of a long bob. Unfortunately, dry hair does not look good even if the cut is perfect. In addition, the long bob is almost a natural hairstyle for ombre colouring. The lighter ends add softness and make the hairstyle look younger

  1. Short Hair Cut on a Boyfriend

For years, we have heard that short hair is the best way to look younger. There is some truth in that statement. However, the hair style must also be coloured to perfection. Asymmetric and dynamic pixie cuts look younger than ever. There is a trend away from short and structured side hair to unruly and dishevelled strands. For styling short hair we recommend sea salt, mousse or cream. This type of hairstyle is made for all women who have thick hair, otherwise skin clearances can be highly visible. What hair color should I choose for this length? It should match your complexion. However, dark colors are not recommended as they make you look older

  1. Hairstyles with Fringes

Hairstyles with bangs are recommended for women who are not quite ready to handle their age. Bangs cover up all facial imperfections, especially the first wrinkles appearing on the forehead. It also helps hide crow’s feet around the eyes. Which Fringe is Best? Thick and well-trimmed. Not only does it cover up imperfections, it’s also a great hairstyle choice. It can be styled in many different ways. Bangs slenderise the face when pulled up slightly, whereas bangs with a slight upward bob add alluring girly charm

  1. Chignons and Knots

There are many hairstyles, which are easy to master if you don’t want to be styled by a hair stylist. The ponytail is not only for young girls. Older women also look best wearing the ponytail. The hair pulled up on top of the head is glamorous but also tends to pull the skin of your face into a little tighter contact. Wrinkles are less visible. The chignon hairstyle speaks for itself. The chignon is particularly suitable for elegant events and dinner parties. The slightly tousled and raised hair gives the chignon its girlish charm. As long as the make-up is flawless, the chignon adds to the overall charm of the hairstyle

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