How to choose a skirt cut to fit the shape of my hips?

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Skirt is a part of clothing extremely popular among women. It is comfortable, emphasizes the waist and shows beautiful legs. It looks great in a variety of combinations. How to choose the best one for yourself?

Skirt – how to buy the right one?

When choosing the perfect skirt much depends on the figure. Hips are not the only factor which matters, although they play an important role. The proportions of the silhouette are equally important. Style is also of great importance. Women’s pieces of clothing are always chosen with a purpose. It does not always have to be a dinner or a party. Many people have such a job where elegant clothing is required. A skirt can be dressed both with high stilettos and sneakers. They look great when paired with casual style blouses and classic shirts. However, to start with, you need to know which skirt to choose so that it is cut to fit the shape of your hips

Skirts for wide hips

A silhouette with hips that are much wider than the rest of the body is the pear type. Pear women are distinguished by their large hips, narrow shoulders and small bust. Which skirts are best for them? The most recommended are A-line skirts. Midi length skirts emphasize your silhouette and conceal wide hips and massive thighs. These skirts have high waist, which means they emphasize your waist perfectly. This makes the silhouette look slimmer. If you have wide hips, you must choose skirts made of light fabrics, because they hide flaws well and give your silhouette more proportion. It is recommended to avoid crinkled and pleated skirts and pencil cuts

Skirts for women with wide hips and shoulders

Women with wide hips and shoulders have a figure called an hourglass. This figure is significantly different from the one mentioned above. This type of figure is characterized by wide hips, narrow waist and quite slim legs. Women look great in tight, pencil skirts that emphasize their waist and figure proportions. For ladies who have a bit of curves, we recommend pleated skirts with a style reminiscent of the 1950s. This cut will hide flaws, such as a larger belly or hips, and draw attention to the bust. The length does not matter here, hourglasses look good both in skirts that end before the knee and in mid-calf

Skirts for women with narrow hips

Such a silhouette is commonly called boyish. It is characterized by narrow shoulders and hips, as well as a lack of visible curves. The silhouette can boast of almost all petite women who have a slim stomach, legs and small breasts. First of all, in this case, A-shaped skirts do not work. Women with such a figure look bad in midi length. It is best to choose the mini length, which ends just before the knee. What is the best cut? It is worth to buy skirts which widen towards the bottom. They draw attention away from narrow hips. Skirts with a bombshell cut work just as well. They add some curve to the figure. It is not recommended to wear straight, tight skirts, because they only show a completely straight silhouette without a waistline

Skirts for a proportionate figure

What does this figure mean? It is a silhouette with a well-defined waist, medium width hips and shoulders. Women who have it are lucky because they look good in almost everything. Their hips are slightly rounded and fit well with the rest of their figure. Flaws do not need to be covered up, you can only highlight the advantages. What skirts are recommended for this figure? Recommended are midi length, made of light materials, which add lightness to styling. Pencil skirts in mini lengths are also a great choice to emphasize the waist and slim legs. Avoid short, flared skirts, as they weigh down the figure and optically add weight

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