Combine modernity with antiques? Yes, meet the eclectic style!

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Your interior lacks style and character? Do you want changes, but they should not cost too much? Or maybe you are planning to renovate your apartment, but you do not know what to do with all the furniture and accessories? In this article we will tell you how to change your interior in a quick and easy way!

Eclectic style may seem chaotic and incoherent, but if you understand the principles you will find out how perfectly it combines various contradictions. Thanks to this you will get an unusual apartment, which does not lack style, class and climate. What’s more, eclecticism draws inspiration from different styles and skillfully uses them in the interiors. Therefore, in a quick and easy way a room with soul and character.

Decide on one dominant style

In eclectic style no one will be surprised that next to a chair a’la ludwik will stand a communistic chest of drawers or a desk from IKEA. However, it is important that the elements were not too many and, what is very important, decide on one leading style, which you will only enrich the details of other. In eclecticism, moderation is advisable and minimalism is preferred. Bet on one unique item than 10 soulless ones.

Consistent colors and textures

Although in eclecticism it is advisable to play with forms, colors and textures, it is worth knowing moderation. If you want to use several colors in the interior, it is a good idea to repeat them, e.g. green tiles, accessories in the form of cushions and carpets or green accents on the furniture. A safer solution, however, will be textures. Keeping one dominant color and using e.g. decorative mouldings on walls, ornaments on furniture and funky chairs will be much easier to combine if everything stays in the same color.

Renovate and redecorate

You can be creative with this style. If something doesn’t fit then figure out how to redo, renovate or paint it to create a harmonious and cohesive whole.

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