Comfortable and elegant – we suggest what to wear to the office

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How to dress for work, so that the outfit meets the requirements of the often encountered dress code, while being comfortable and ensuring comfort of wear? What is better to avoid when creating outfits for the office? We suggest in this article.

Formal style

How we should dress for the office every day depends mainly on the dress code in force at the workplace. We often encounter a business style, or formal style. It mostly applies to places where the employee is in constant contact with clients. It is therefore obligatory for sales representatives, lawyers or bankers. Formal clothing is intended to emphasize the seriousness and professionalism of the employee.

Women in business style have various options to choose from. For example, a women’s suit in subdued colors combined with a shirt or an elegant blouse will look good. A suit, which is a combination of a skirt and a jacket, is also an ideal choice for a formal look.

Pencil skirts, dresses and elegant pants also go well with the business style. If you decide on a skirt or dress, it is important that it is not too short. A suitable length will be one that is at least knee-length. Regardless of the weather and season, remember about tights, and do not wear blouses with a deep neckline. It is worth choosing muted colors and plain materials of clothes. It is also better to avoid any expressive motifs.

Smart casual

In other words, sporty elegant. This is currently one of the most popular ways on how to dress for work. Here you can allow yourself to deviate from elegance a bit more than in the case of formal style. You can combine plain jeans or a pencil skirt with a shirt and a jacket.

What shoes to wear to work?

If you like shoes with a heel, it should not be higher than 8 cm. Both formal and smart casual styles will go well with flat shoes and those with heels. You can bet on classic stiletto heels, but if you’re a fan of flat shoes, choose those that won’t take away the elegant character of your outfit. A good choice will be women’s flat slippers, ballerinas or moccasins. It is important that they are also in subdued colors. Shoes should cover heels and toes.

General dress code for the office

Apart from the fact that we should be elegant at work, it is equally important to be comfortable and to feel at ease. For this to happen, we should not wear something that we do not like. Therefore, when choosing an outfit for work, do not completely abandon your style. Try to find a middle ground between the office dress code and what you wear every day.

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It is also important that clothes for work are neat and ironed. Whether you opt for a suit or a dress, they should be aesthetically pleasing. Remember also that clothes that reveal too much body are forbidden at work, so mini skirts and dresses or very short shorts are not appropriate. It is also better to avoid protruding underwear – it is often the case that a blouse that is too cut out makes your bra stick out. This definitely does not look good. Therefore, wear a T-shirt under a see-through shirt and if it is too cut, wear a jacket on top.

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