Kitchen combined with living room – how to choose furniture to match?

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More and more people are choosing to arrange their space at home in such a way that the living room is combined with the kitchen. Of course, we’re talking about the kitchenette, which works great in blocks of flats, where the amount of space is definitely limited and sometimes, in order to find space for an extra room for a child or a bedroom for parents, you have to completely rearrange the appearance of the kitchen and living room. However, how to match these places so that they simultaneously create a cohesive whole, while fulfilling their purpose perfectly?

Kitchen and living room, or a functional annex in your home

When it comes to rooms in a house or apartment, it is worth noting first of all that they are to be practical. Without this, in the long run, using them will not give us pleasure, but only lead to frustration. Therefore, if your home is yet to have a kitchenette, it is worth taking care of its practical aspects first and foremost. 

First of all, consider what options you have for water, electricity and gas supply in the space where you want to install household appliances. This will be even fundamental and will make the whole thing convenient to use, and on top of that it will look aesthetically pleasing. In addition, it will keep costs to a minimum. It is also worth making a kitchen design, which should include a large number of cabinets for storage, preferably built to the ceiling.

Kitchen annexes that are built-in work wonderfully, making such a space seem more cohesive and stylish. You can then go wild with their appearance, preferably if their color and ornamentation will perfectly harmonize with what is in the living room.

Furniture for the kitchenette – how to match them?

In the kitchen, which is located in the living room, everything should be perfectly finished. Why? It then becomes an integral part of the living room, where family meetings and parties of all kinds are held. On top of this, it is worth bearing in mind that then the cooking space, as well as the sink, should always be impeccably clean, because it is impossible to close the door to the cooking area and receive guests only in the living room.

As for the color of the cabinets and various decorative elements such as handles, they must harmonize with what is in the living room. Therefore, if your living room is kept in a glamorous climate, the kitchen should not be rustic, because the two styles will “bite” with each other, and the whole will look not very aesthetically pleasing. For this, there are two models of the annex, in one of them the kitchen is located on the wall in the living room, while in the other it is located in an alcove. In the first case, consistency is put first, and the furniture and appliances should even blend in with the look and style of the living room. 

In the second case, on the other hand, you can go wild. Many people then separate the two spaces with space-saving shelves that give some light, but separate the two spaces. You can also demarcate the border by using a light or a different type of flooring. However, it is worth remembering that the cabinets and decor should be consistent with the one in the living room. Arranged this way, the kitchenette will be functional and comfortable to use. You can also invest in an island, of course, in the case of a larger usable space. Then you will gain an additional work surface or table.

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