Scarves and shawls – how to wear and what to combine them with?

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It would seem that this is a typical autumn and winter item of clothing, whose main task is to protect you from the cold. Nothing more misleading! Thanks to scarves and shawls we can create an incredible number of unusual and original creations, complementing the elegant business outfit or adding some color to the summer styling.

Scarves and summer scarves

In summer your scarves are bright, patterned and light. They are best for adding color and a bit of unconventionality to a summer outfit. Summer scarves can be long, square or rectangular. Since they are made of lighter material, you can wear them from morning to evening and not overheat on warmer days.

An all-white outfit will be the perfect base for a patterned scarf. Although the scarf can be quite subdued, it is still eye-catching because it is against a bright white shirt or blouse.

When creating styles, you don’t have to give up the white color. Shorts and shorts can be brighter, and accessories will definitely add punch and color to the creation. A blue denim jacket, a blue handbag and blue platform shoes will all go great together. The icing on the cake of this summer outfit will be a bright yellow scarf. Tie the scarf in a single knot in the front and let it hang down.

Thinner scarves will work great to complement different styles and ensembles that are dominated by Italian fashion, for example.

Blanket scarf

Along with rectangular scarves, the blanket scarf has been extremely popular lately. If this is your first time buying such a scarf, you may wonder how to wear it properly. No wonder! They are quite large and can overwhelm a styling if not fitted properly. You are most likely to wear this type of scarf in the fall because they are made of warm fabrics.

You can wrap the blanket around your neck so that its one point falls in the front. To wear such a scarf, you need to fold it in half to form a triangle, hold both ends of the scarf and wrap it around your neck so that the tip of the triangle is pointing down along the front of your chest. Since the blanket is a very large size, you can wrap it comfortably around your shoulders. This option is much easier to wear. In this case, the blanket scarf is only folded in half and placed on your shoulders. If you want, you can tie the ends in front or let them hang down.

This unusual scarf can be very easily matched with different outfits, from jeans and shirt to a dress. The most important thing you should keep in mind with all these outfits is the right choice of colors, which should be autumnal

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This scarf is one of the easiest to wear because it is a loop. A chimney can be a very large loop that you can wrap around your neck twice, or it can also be smaller, enough for a single wrap around your neck. They can be very thick and warm for winter or thinner, such as for transitional periods.

In winter, you can wear a thick chimney with a long cardigan and furry snow boots. It provides warmth when it gets cold and even when it snows

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Silk scarf

These are perfect for a business casual or elegant outfit. They are a great way to add color and pattern to solid-colored clothing

For example, wear a silk scarf in blue colors with your spring dress. Wrap it twice around your neck and tie it so that the ends fall forward. Pair it with a forest green dress, a blazer, blue pumps and a dark blue skinny belt. A silk shawl will add a breath of fresh air to a simple outfit

You can also use another way. Fold a square silk shawl in half, wrap it up and tie one knot in the front. This draws attention to the top of the outfit and makes the lines smooth and straight.

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A scarf with a belt

If you want to wear a scarf in an eye-catching way, don’t wrap it around your neck. Instead, wear a neutral or even monochromatic outfit and let the scarf be the star. Let the scarf fall in front of your outfit and pair it with a slim belt. A larger scarf, rectangular or square, will work for this styling treatment. It will look most impressive if it ends mid-thigh, just above the knee.

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