Glamour kitchen – ideas for a functional and elegant arrangement

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Giving the kitchen a central role in the spatial arrangement and connecting it to the rest of the house makes its design crucial to the final shot of the interior design composition. The aesthetics of the kitchen and the stylish appearance are related to the rest of the design arrangement as style. But here the design choices and the overall situation are a little more complicated, because the kitchen must not only be stylish and artistic as a composition, comfortable to move and work, but also must be suitable and resistant to materials for a variety of activities.

Using luxurious combinations of materials such as Calacatta Gold and Copper Bronze marble, designers have created a balanced kitchen design where aesthetic and functional parameters blend harmoniously to create an atmosphere of convivial comfort. Some models show the combination of many different materials in a single stylish and robust kitchen island: marble, Canaletto wood, stainless steel, lacquer and glass all blend harmoniously with the living area.

Using suspended metal frames as shelves or internally illuminated glass display cases, modern designers provide visual spaciousness to the top row of cabinets. Often in modern design projects, this configuration is completely absent, and the cabinetry is placed in one wall. There, too, is room for all the kitchen utensils and dishes.

Internal backlighting

This is one creative way to get away from the classic and somewhat boring layout of the lower and upper layers of kitchen cabinetry. Internal backlighting of display cabinets is not only practical, but gives a luxurious touch to the composition. In this kitchen design, glass shelves at the base of the kitchen island add lightness to the entire composition of the space.

Oven in the center

This can be not only practical, but also a stylish, modern choice for kitchen design. The composition of wall cabinets with a niche in the middle is quite a popular design choice because it allows you to neatly and elegantly hide ovens, sinks(a corner sink will also do here) or kitchen cabinets. Designers often use different shades of the same color or a duality of textures to emphasize the niche. Ovens (even 2 or 3) integrated into the wall niche can easily be left as a decorative accent. In some designs, they are visually highlighted by surrounding lighting fixtures.


Pastel shades, muted green, actually any variety of green – from sea blue-green to graffiti and grayish tones with a soft green tint are very trendy this season in kitchen design.

A black and white graphic combo is also in order, but stylishly paired with wood or metallic accents. A new use for a white accent is a whitewashed wood or stone surface that introduces a focal point of light.

On the other hand, black is often used as a discreet metallic frame and accent for furnishings. This influence of black as framing can be attributed to a trend in bathroom design.

Popular materials

Surfaces that mimic stone and marble are quite popular. When combined with wood and laminate in monochromatic colors, they give a rather clean and stylish arrangement. Another option is to combine the luxurious feel of marble and stone

Limited space

The trend of limited urban spaces and shrinking housing in big cities is leading to creative innovations. An intriguing example of such creativity is Scavolini’s Boxlife hidden kitchen design. It is essentially a monolithic piece of furniture with three zones; kitchen, living room and bedroom, all connected in one flexible wall-to-wall structure. Once the wall panels are closed, all traces of the kitchen disappear and the remaining space can be used as a living room, dining room or even a bedroom – with a wall-mounted retractable bed.

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