What results will regular hand care give?

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We live in times when it is difficult to keep the skin on our hands moisturized and well-groomed. Frequent disinfection with alcohol-based products and wearing plastic or rubber gloves do not have a good effect on the skin, which becomes dry, rough and cracked. Small lesions in dry skin cause pain and a burning sensation during disinfection, which should not be avoided. So how to care for your hands so that they are smooth and soft despite the harsh conditions?

Deeply moisturize

Make yourself a nourishing and regenerating hand mask. Tubes of creams that can also be used as masks are available at any drugstore. Put cotton gloves on your smeared hands, which will help the skin better absorb the beneficial ingredients. The mask can be applied once or twice a week so that your hands are properly moisturized and the skin can regenerate. In addition to applying the mask, it is also important to regularly moisturize and protect the skin from its loss. Moisturizing ingredients include glycerine, aloe vera, urea and plant extracts. On the other hand, emollients, i.e. oils and butters, are ingredients that help “lock” moisture into the skin and prevent it from drying out

Exfoliating the skin

If your hands are extremely dry and rough, it is worth performing a skin peeling before the beauty rituals, so that the active ingredients can better penetrate the epidermis and work effectively. You can do it yourself, for example with coffee grounds or sugar, but you can also buy a ready-made cosmetic. In addition to mechanical scrubs, so called scrubs, there are also available on the market enzymatic or chemical agents, that is acid. These are much gentler, but if your skin is cracked, an acid scrub can inflict a lot of pain and it is better to take care of your skin first and then exfoliate with chemical scrubs. The layer of dry, dead epidermis on the hands blocks creams, ointments and masks from reaching the deep layers of the skin, where they should support the regeneration processes. That is why it is worth exfoliating regularly and getting the maximum benefit from the cosmetics you apply afterwards

Change your habits

It’s possible that your hands are damaged not by disinfectants and gloves themselves, but by the way you use them. Remember that disinfectant with a high ethanol content will be very drying to your skin, so when you have the choice of washing your hands or using alcohol, always choose soapy water, and apply a moisturizing and protective cream after washing your hands. Also, gloves can be worn wrong. First – irritation can be caused by an allergy to latex, so choose latex-free materials. Secondly, skin in artificial material sweats, and in a humid environment fungi and bacteria responsible for your skin problems can multiply. Buy gloves with a light coating of talcum powder inside. This will keep your gloved hands dry, and you can apply cream right away when you take them off. You can find both good quality disinfectants and gloves made of various materials at https://emedical24.pl/

Hand care is not only about hygiene. Taking care to keep the epidermis smooth and moist is very important. The skin is the largest human organ. Unfortunately we often forget about it and neglect it, focusing on other things. Hands are our tools, it is worth taking care of them and nurture them regularly so that the skin on them is healthy and protects the body from external factors

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