Hairstyles with bangs for women 50 plus

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Are you dreaming of changing your hairstyle? Would you like to get yourself a stylish fringe? Before going to the hairdresser, check out the most fashionable inspirations. You will feel great in these hairstyles – we are sure of it!

The right hairstyle is essential!

There’s nothing like a well-chosen hairstyle. The right hairstyle can really work wonders and make you not only look great, but also just how you feel, which is, after all, the most important thing. There is a reason why ladies often go to the hairdresser to improve their mood. However, it is worth telling the stylist specifically what kind of hairstyle we care about, so as not to spoil this mood. In today’s post we will discuss the most fashionable hairstyles with bangs for women 50 plus. In fact, these are simply hairstyles with bangs for all of us – no age restrictions here!

Straight fringe

The most classic option is, of course, the straight fringe. This hairstyle is timeless and works in most cases. If you are a fan of the classic look, the straight fringe is undoubtedly the option for you! It looks great with hair length behind the ear, but also longer hair. It is very popular with ladies who think they have a high forehead. There is only one but – it is a hairstyle that is considered quite demanding. The fringe needs to be controlled and frequently trimmed to keep its shape.

Side fringe

This is another classic, which still remains among the most fashionable hairstyles. The side fringe works well for women with different face shapes, and it is difficult to mismatch the hairstyle with the person. This type of hairstyle definitely slims the face and adds to its beauty. It is suitable for both ladies who appreciate classic solutions and those who definitely like to go wild. The side fringe looks good when we have slightly longer hair – at least to the shoulders.

Short hair and fringe

Many ladies opt for comfortable and modern short cuts. In our opinion, they look best just with a fringe – to the side or straight. Fashionable bob with fringe is ideal for any woman who is looking for a stylish hairstyle, in which she will look attractive, but also feel comfortable. You can opt for bangs even if you have very short hair. A good hairdresser will certainly suggest the right hairstyle in which you will feel comfortable.

main photo: Machado

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