Light makeup for summer. How to do it?

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Summer has its own rules! How to make up for a long-lasting, self-confident look without weighing down the skin? Check it out!

Make-up for summer

The hot months are definitely not good for makeup. Cosmetics smudge much easier then. Of course, you can bet on preparations that will fix your make-up, but isn’t a better solution for the hottest days simply make-up minimalism? Everyone must answer this question for themselves

Check out our quick guide and learn how to apply light makeup for summer and enjoy a great look.

Skincare is key

That’s right – before you even think about makeup, you’d better properly apply skin care. Hot summer is not a dream season for your skin, which needs specific protection during this time

The main thing is sun protection, of course – you don’t need to be reminded of that, right? But do you also remember to scrub your skin regularly and moisturize it? This is a very important part of skin care, without which we can not imagine a healthy skin. A moisturized face is properly prepared for makeup application.

Foundation for the summer – is it necessary?

Even if you use a heavy opaque foundation all year round, in summer – if possible – opt for a light bb or cc cream. Such a cosmetic is much lighter and works better on hot days. Try this trick and you will feel a lightness you never expected! Whether you use a cream or a primer, apply a sunscreen under your makeup. It’s the perfect base for summer.

Bronzer, blush and highlighter

A little bit of bronzer is a great summer accessory. This cosmetic will perfectly emphasize your tan or add it where you need it. Cheeks highlighted with bronzer instantly make your face look slim and attractive. Blush and highlighter are also a holiday must-have – using these cosmetics will make you feel fresh and radiant, and your confidence will be priceless.

Eye makeup for summer – check it out!

What about summer eye makeup? There’s no point in going for heavy eye make-up either. Leave dark eye shadow for another time. A waterproof mascara will definitely come in handy. If you absolutely have to use eye shadow, go for waterproof ones too. It’s easy to smudge your makeup on hot days. Think about it and make sure you have the right products to feel comfortable.

How about Lip Gloss?

A light lip gloss is the perfect complement to your make-up! Of course you can use lipstick too but lip gloss gives you that super trendy wet look you’re going for right now. Not only does it look great, but it’s firmly rooted in the latest make-up trends – not just for summer

Lip gloss can be transparent, emphasizing your natural lip color, or on the contrary, there is a wide range of colored lip glosses on the market, so you can even have intense red and shiny lips!

Light make-up for summer – that’s it!

There is nothing like light makeup for summer to make any woman feel great. Summer vacations are the perfect time to let your skin go a bit – you really don’t need heavy makeup on the beach. Opt for a strong moisturizer and enjoy the beautiful weather!

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