Handbags that every elegant woman should have in her closet

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Well-tailored suits and simple, yet phenomenal, perfectly emphasizing the figure dresses – this is the essence of the classy business style. What about accessories? Find out, which bags every elegant woman should have in her closet.

What should a businesswoman’s bag be like?

When choosing a bag for a business style, you should remember that it should not be too flashy or extravagant. The best choice are classic, elegant bags – with a simple, specific shape, with additional stiffening, made of the highest quality materials. The best choice will be natural leather, lacquered or snakeskin, and suede. When it comes to colors, a great proposal will be a black women’s bag or timeless navy blue, brown or beige, which will work perfectly as an addition to a white or blue shirt matched with black cigarillos and a jacket, or a dress in any shade. Deep shades of red and maroon will also work well. However, it is a good idea if the rest of the outfit is kept in one color, such as black. A bold bag is a great accent to this monochromatic look. Remember that we’re moving away from matching colors to shoes, so it’s not necessary, or even advisable, to match these two accessories. And what models to choose? It is best to bet on one of these four:

Classic handbag trunk

Timeless handbag is a perfect addition to a business styling. Such a handbag will certainly give its owner a lot of grace and elegance. It will be suitable both for a typical day at work, as well as for more formal business meetings. It is not too small, so you can be sure that you will be able to fit everything you need inside, and thanks to the stiffening that this model has, you can be sure that no documents will get crumpled.

Comfortable shopper bag

A shopper bag is nothing else than a large, rectangular bag, simple in its form, equipped with two long enough handles, thanks to which you can carry it on your shoulder. It is undoubtedly the most comfortable and the most capacious model in our list. It will be perfect as an addition to casual outfits for the office, but it will also work well after work, when you change your suit or dress for your favorite jeans and a T-shirt.

Small bag, big effect – a clutch bag

If you live in a business environment, your closet certainly cannot lack an elegant clutch bag for various kinds of parties. It is undoubtedly the most elegant model in the shape of a rectangle without a strap used to hang over the shoulder, which is held in the hand. It is not a bag that can accommodate many everyday things, that’s why it is perfect for banquets, galas, company Christmas Eve parties and other such events as an addition to a typical evening outfit. In case of this bag, you do not have to limit yourself to subdued colors and you can allow yourself additional decoration in the form of glitter.

Letterman bag perfect for pants

Unforgettably fashionable and universal, but most of all very functional – this is what the women’s bag is. It is undoubtedly a model which will be loved by all businesswomen who are not fond of too big bags. You can confidently wear it with material cigarette pants and a shirt or a suit.

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