Tunics – what they highlight and what they hide

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One item that should not be missing from any woman’s closet is a tunic. It is so versatile that it can be worn in many ways. Properly chosen, it can hide figure flaws and emphasize what is most attractive.

Tunics are a good solution both for the current weather, when the temperature is really high, and for cool autumn evenings. In the spring will work tunics in delicate colors with floral patterns, in the summer – such with prints, in autumn knitted tunics in warm colors, while in winter long models in muted colors will be good. Find the right cheap women’s tunics for you and choose something that meets your expectations.

Advantages of tunics

Ideal for any figure

Certainly the biggest advantage of these clothes is that they can be matched to any figure. Ladies who want to hide a slightly larger belly, should opt for loose tunics. If you want to emphasize your curves, on the other hand, you can choose a more fitted, tight-fitting one.

Both for short and for tall

Depending on your height, you can choose between short or long tunics. Short women should wear ones that reach halfway to their buttocks, while knee-length asymmetrical tunics are the right choice for tall ladies.

Choose a tunic that suits the shape of your figure

If you have a wide bottom, choose something that completely covers your buttocks. For ladies with feminine shapes, which they want to emphasize, a great solution will be tunics with a belt under the bust or at the hip level. Such revealing shoulders will look good on women whose hips are proportional to the shoulders. Large breasts will look good with a V-shaped neckline. Such a cut combined with sleeves will also optically slim the shoulders. On the other hand, styles with large necklines are the solution for women with smaller breasts.

How to wear the tunic?

What you wear with it, depends mainly on the occasion and the weather. However, it is best to wear it with a tight-fitting bottom. If the temperature is high, you may wear it as a substitute for a beach dress. Then it is best to choose light-colored, airy material. Remember, however, that the cover-up should not be too short. You may also wear espadrilles or sandals. If you want to lengthen legs optically, opt for heeled shoes.

However, tunics are usually matched with pants. Close-fitting jeans emphasize shapely legs and give the right proportions to your silhouette. If you decide to go for an elegant look, wear cigarette pants and stiletto heels. If you want to keep it casual, wear your favorite sneakers or sandals with a comfortable backpack.

Designs that suit your figure

If you want to slim and elongate your silhouette, go for vertical patterns. If you want to draw attention away from your curves around the waist, go for a patterned tunic paired with a plain bottom. A small floral pattern is good for short, petite women, while a medium floral pattern in darker colors is good for a more rounded woman.

Sports tunics

This type is not only for people who play sports. Opt for a casual set and don’t think about jewelry and accessories. Wear it with sports shoes or flip-flops. This outfit will be perfect not only for the gym, but also for a walk or shopping. The sporty cut will make you feel comfortable, so you can use it not only in everyday outfits. It certainly should not be missing on your vacations.

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