How not to get the autumn chill?

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Short autumn days, depressing weather and a longing for the vacations cause many people to fall into the so-called autumn chill. What does it manifest itself as? A lack of desire for life and activity,to which is added a decrease in energy and self-esteem. How to cope with this condition? How to like autumn and make this time as productive and joyful as summer days? Here are proven ways!

Say goodbye to a bad mood in autumn!

In autumn and winter we generally feel a little worse. This is certainly due to the change in temperatures, reduced sunshine, and shorter days. Many people then fall into lethargy and find it hard to find motivation and the will to act. It’s worth changing this, and as soon as you feel excessive sluggishness or recurring fatigue, start taking action. Autumn can be not only depressing, but also extremely pleasant and positive, but you need to find the good things in it.

Positive attitude is the basis

The good form of our body and head depends on whether we maintain the right balance between work and rest, even active rest. Our body, which was able to gain strength and energy for new challenges during the vacations, will certainly perform better in autumn. It is therefore worth planning a vacation, even a short one. If you have a larger number of days to spare, use them at the beginning and end of the vacations to start autumn with a completely new attitude and energy. That way, the long, dark days, wind, rain and cold won’t scare you! On top of that, introduce physical activities that will visibly increase the amount of endorphins produced by our body, and as you know, this hormone is happiness and energy in its pure form!

Enjoy the moment

Even in autumn, you can actively enjoy time spent outdoors. Don’t be discouraged by the cold or wind. If the sun appears outside, choose an interesting outfit, set a goal and set out. You can choose a bicycle, or opt for rollerblading or hiking. Many people go to the woods to pick mushrooms, where they additionally enjoy the fresh, clean air, which has a salutary effect on the state of our brain. We guarantee that you will come back happier from such trips!

Put yourself in the “autumn-ear” mode

What does this mean? It is a person who loves autumn and everything related to it. So it means so much to focus on the positives of this season. Start planning not only long walks with leaves rustling underfoot, but also find motivation to choose and complete new outfits. Shopping always helps with the gloom. On top of that, plan a Halloween party and choose an outfit. We assure you that such small things will quickly change your mood for the better.

Create yourself from scratch

Many people write out their goals and make a conscience check in the new year, but you can also do it with the beginning of autumn. That’s when the school year begins, and it’s also a fresh start, even if you haven’t been a student for a long time. All you need to do then is to make yourself some delicious hot chocolate with whipped cream, sit down with a beautiful notebook in hand, wrap yourself in a blanket and write out what else you would like to do by the end of the calendar year. New goals are always motivating!

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