How to wear a panther without looking vulgar?

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Camouflage – a symbol of kitsch or liberation? It reigns on the catwalks, celebrities admire it, and yet in many minds it still brings negative associations. Especially when it is not worn by a young girl. It is worth getting rid of these negative associations and remember that there are no clothes that fit only to a specific age group. This season many designers and stylists decided to reject floral motifs and opted for sharper animal prints. It is not about what you wear, but how you wear it. Here are some great ideas on how to incorporate leopard print into your closet and not worry about looking vulgar.

For the less daring – accessories

If you are just starting your adventure with infamous animal prints or you are afraid of buying something that you will later put away at the bottom of your closet convinced that leopard print is not the one… Remember that every outfit needs to be complemented with fashionable accessories. You will find spotted motifs everywhere and you can decide how far you want to go in discovering your wild nature. Sunglasses frames, belt, bag or even stilettos! Spring is also a great time to bet on all kinds of scarves and wraps. The sun can be deceptive, so it is still worth taking care of warmer additions to your everyday outfit. A mottled scarf around your neck is enough to draw attention to yourself, so pair it with a subdued outfit – a black or beige turtleneck and pants of the same color. Another great idea is a cream or sand-colored, tight-fitting dress that you accessorize with a belt. Tie a scarf around your neck or wear sunglasses to turn a plain outfit into an intriguing yet classic one. This is how to compose outfits with leopard print accessories

For the moderately daring – top

You may sometimes think of a more interesting outfit for work than the ones that everyone in the company knows. Or maybe you want to surprise your friends at coffee? A great idea in such cases – and also when you want to take your leopard-print experimentation to the next level – are airy shirts with mottled patterns or sweaters. How to combine them for an interesting yet non-vulgar look? Wear a leopard-print sweater or jacket over a white shirt if you want to look elegant but still play by the rules. All you need is black pants for a classic outfit that is as professional as it is fashionable. Remember that statement pieces don’t need to play with colors if you don’t feel confident enough. Match your shirt or blouse with a bottom in a color associated with safari. All kinds of shades of brown and muted green will be perfect as a link between a bold outfit and a necessary dose of elegance.

Pants and dresses for the very brave

Why not let yourself go for more? This is a great question. Nothing stands in the way of trying to convince yourself to leopard print this season, choosing dresses in mottled prints. For the last few weeks of spring, get a simple leopard print dress that fits your figure and complete the look with a black cape coat or poncho. Match it with shoes in the same color and a simple handbag. This is a simple way to create an elegant look, which emphasizes your figure and makes you stand out from the crowd, but also does not make you look vulgar. A great way to see that leopard print can be an interesting addition to your closet is to incorporate it into more casual outfits. Choose a casual pair of leopard print pants and match them with a khaki coloured shirt for a great outfit, even if you are just going to the stores. Another great idea for a toned-down, classic outfit with a touch of jungle is to choose a simple high-waisted leopard skirt and match it with a light-colored wool sweater. Your best friends when it comes to the color palette to match the leopard print will always be all sorts of brown tones. From soft beiges to chocolate browns, these are the colors that will give your outfits that certain class and elegance and make you forget about kitsch and vulgarity

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