How to care for mature skin according to Korean principles?

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Many women try to preserve their natural beauty for as long as possible. They look with envy at the beauty of Korean women, whose skin always looks flawless and young. That is why Korean method skin care has recently become so popular. Is it a good way to care for mature skin?

Koreans take great care of every stage of skin care. They do not skip any element. They think about the condition of their skin every day, the care they use is more like rituals that they develop over the years and often the best techniques are passed down from generation to generation as family relics. They always choose the best quality natural cosmetics and focus on moisturizing the skin. Therefore, the care they use is perfect for mature skin, which often becomes dry with age

What is Korean mature skin care?

Often, many people are afraid to start caring for the skin using the Korean method, because the whole process seems to them very complex and complicated. It will stop being so when you realize the two key principles for them, which are: protect during the day, and cleanse at night. Protecting your skin during the day means not exposing it to negative external factors such as the sun or frost. Often, UV sunscreens are only applied during the summer on the beach. This is a big mistake, because UV rays can have a negative effect on your skin all year round. Of course, they are significantly weaker in the winter, but you should also use BB creams or fluids with a filter. Avoiding negative rays will delay your skin’s aging process. It will help you avoid wrinkles, discoloration and dilated capillaries

Cleansing is a little more complicated, but if you do it every day, it will quickly become a habit and you won’t skip a step. To remove makeup, Koreans use oil-based cosmetics, such cosmetics remove excess sebum and impurities. In the second step, they cleanse their face with a gel, foam or emulsion face wash, always water-based. Then they move on to exfoliation. This is an important step especially for mature skin that tends to accumulate dead skin. The exfoliation allows you to remove it, so your skin will better absorb any products in the later stages of skin care. The next step is toning your face. Often overlooked, but just as important as the other elements of skin care. It is what allows the skin to restore its natural pH. The next step is a nourishing and moisturizing mask. Forget about any exfoliating masks. After removing the mask, apply a cream tailored to your skin. It is important to wipe your face with a clean, soft towel.

Which cosmetics should I choose for Korean skin care?

If you follow all the steps of skin care and take care to maintain the correct order, your skin will always be smooth and properly moisturized. This is important especially for mature skin, which naturally loses its radiance. That is why it is important to nourish it every day. When choosing cosmetics, check their composition. Koreans always choose those with a natural formula. Ingredients of natural origin moisturize, nourish and strengthen the epidermis. Natural creams have a light texture that allows them to be absorbed in no time, and the skin gets a natural glow and is pleasantly smooth after application

Korean creams usually have also wonderful fragrances – delicate and feminine, not too intense, thanks to which you can move to Asia with your senses. Using such cosmetics, you act on your skin externally in all possible ways that delay the aging process and help keep the skin always radiant with health. This is all that mature skin needs. It is worth noting that when choosing cosmetics, you should always pay attention to the needs of your skin. The age group on the packages can be deceiving, so carefully read what action and composition they have

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