What hair colors make you look younger?

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A new hairstyle can make a big difference in your appearance. With the right haircut and colour you can instantly look younger. Read this article and find out how to visually take years off your appearance.

Colouring your hair according to your complexion

It is widely believed that blonde hair makes you look younger and this is true if the color is right for your skin tone. The colour should look natural on your hair and should also match your complexion and eye frame. A beautiful honey, pearl or ash blonde shade can brighten up your face and give your whole image a refreshing effect. If you have fair skin, you are likely to feel comfortable with a dark or light blonde with a cool tone, which is very much in vogue right now.

Your hair stylist will be able to help you find the right color to match your hair color if you want to show signs of ageing but don’t feel comfortable in blonde. Natural-looking chestnut browns and reds work well for this purpose

Very dark colors aggravate facial features and accentuate wrinkles so avoid colouring your hair a flat and one-dimensional black. Avoid colouring your entire hair platinum blonde. A well-done coloration should include highlights and reflections to keep your hair looking soft and natural. Colouring your hair with subtle transitions of colour can be a good way to rejuvenate your face and draw attention away from imperfections in your complexion.

Interesting Hair Effects

If you are looking for ways to optically increase your hair volume, consider imprintingthe modern trend in hair colouring. This coloring method involves applying paint through a matrix with a pattern, called an imprinter, which allows you to get nature-inspired patterns on your hair. The aim of imprinting is to enhance a woman’s natural beauty and visually add lightness to her figure

This color treatment is particularly suitable for thin hair. By using the imprinting technique, the stylist can apply the colour to selected sections of the hair or from the roots to the ends. The former allows for a soft highlighting effect. By applying the colour to less exposed sections of the hair, the three-dimensional effect only becomes apparent when the hair is in motion. On the other hand, colouring from roots to ends gives the original and distinctive effect.

Ombre and Sombre

If you are not convinced by one hair color, you can opt for ombre, a procedure to lighten dark hair at the ends. It is important to go to a professional hair stylist to get soft and natural color transitions. A big color contrast with ombre hair doesn’t look good because it creates an artificial cut on your hair.

Sombre is a more subtle lightening method, which can start as early as the skin. This gives a more natural effect. By skillfully lightening parts of your hair, you can achieve a favorable hairstyle that will accentuate the volume of your hair and bring out the sparkle in your eyes.

Hair Care and Cutting

Hair coloring is important, but don’t forget the impact of a haircut and daily care on your image. To look younger, you should choose a hairstyle that suits your face shape and make sure that your hair is healthy, moisturized and full of shine. Many women feel younger in a short hairstyle with a side parting or bangs.

Main photo: Adam Winger/unsplash.com

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