How to fit a bra?

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A bra looks good only when it fits correctly. But how to find your way among all models and sizes of bras? We suggest how to adjust the bra to your needs.

Well fitted bra is of great importance not only for the beautiful appearance, but also for the health of your breasts. How to fit a bra perfectly to your needs? We suggest!

How to choose the right size of bra?

Whether a bra will fit well, depends most of all on the correct choice of size. How to do it? First measure the circumference just under the breasts. It is best to do it while exhaling. Remember to always subtract about 5-10 cm – if your circumference is, for example, 85 cm, a bra of 75 or 80 will be best for you

As far as cup selection is concerned, you should measure your bust in a soft bra and then check the result in the size chart. Also remember to fasten your bra to the loosest hook when trying it on

Different bra styles

In addition to sizes, bra styles are also very important. The most popular is the so-called full cup, which is simply a full bra, which is suitable for everyday use for both small and large breasts. The most popular and comfortable bras are plunge bras, which are perfect for plunging necklines

A balconette is also a brilliant choice for everyday wear. It is a medium bodied bra with the upper edge line coming close to horizontal. This is an ideal choice for the owners of slightly larger breasts. For owners of smaller breasts we recommend half cup bras, which will beautifully expose the bust. Whatever model you decide on, you are sure to find the perfect bra for you at

Bras for special tasks

Some situations require from us a bra for special tasks. An example of such a bra is a sports model, which will be a reliable support during training. To choose it to suit your needs, pay attention first of all to the bra’s waist. It should stick to one level both at the back and at the front

Special attention should also be paid to bras for amazons. They are extremely important, as comfort after procedures such as mastectomy, reconstruction, or breast-conserving surgery can largely depend on them. The most important thing is that this bra must be soft and gentle to the body. Then it will perfectly adhere to the skin, covering the unnatural shape of the bust and not causing irritation in the sensitive after-surgery areas.

A bra for special tasks is undoubtedly also the one for breastfeeding. A well-chosen model by a brafitter will help to prevent stretching of the skin and the formation of stretch marks, and allows for proper support of the bust, which can be extremely sensitive and sore during breastfeeding.

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