How to wear culottes in the transitional period?

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Fashion changes very dynamically, this applies to both colors and cuts. For some time now you can notice a great return of culotte pants. This model is characterized by a very wide leg, widening towards the bottom. 

This cut is a midi version, which is perfect for the transition period, between the hot summer and the beginning of autumn. Of course, it depends on what material you choose, but as a rule, they look great with both flip-flops and heeled shoes and sports shoes. How to wear them to make them look the most impressive?

Ballot pants for all seasons

The culotte pants are a model that women around the world are crazy about. Their length reaches the calf, they are flared all over, and thus they look great. As a rule, they come with an elevated top, which further makes the silhouette look great, and you can match them with very fashionable short tops. This model first appeared in French courts in the 17th century, when they were worn by aristocrats. At that time they were more fitted and ended behind the knee and were called culottes in French.

They didn’t enter women’s fashion until the Victorian period, and later evolved to arrive at the form that’s in vogue today. Why did they steal the hearts of women around the globe? They wonderfully conceal the flaws of the figure, such as massive thighs or a protruding belly, they also improve the proportions of the body (however, they can optically shorten short women). Therefore, they can be successfully worn at basically any time of the year. Linen versions work better in summer, while woolen ones in autumn.

Culottes – what to match them with?

Culottes are very versatile, which is also certainly responsible for their growing popularity. They can be worn with both elegant styles and completely sporty ones. They go wonderfully with crop tops and white sneakers, as well as with oversized blazers and silk strapless shirts.

Match the elegant version with heeled shoes, which will not only add a few centimeters, but also make your silhouette look slimmer. In the transitional period, when the temperature outside can literally change in a matter of hours, it is worth wearing perfectly fitting clothes. Then culotte pants will even be perfect. They have a wide, airy leg, and you can match them with pieces that will make you feel comfortable no matter what the temperature is. They look great with slacks, as well as shorter jackets.

If you want your outfit to be both comfortable and stylish, opt for boots on a slight rise with a square toe. With a well-fitting over-the-knee coat, culottes and a light sweater they will form a perfect whole. Such a combination will work well for the beginning of autumn, but you can also use it on colder days and replace only the coat with a warmer one. Such sets should be in the closet of every fashion-loving woman. The culotte pants can be combined with many items of clothing and thus create absolutely unique styling.

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