How to mask a protruding belly with clothes?

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Unfortunately, very few people can boast of a perfect figure, in which there are no flaws. Figures differ from each other and it is a completely natural thing. This is a completely natural thing. Despite this, many women want to cover up their imperfections. This can be done through the right choice of clothes and the use of various fashion tricks, which we present below

  1. Wear high-waisted skirts and pants

Want a quick way to hide a protruding belly and flaring sides? Wear high-waisted pants and skirts! Although until recently they were associated only with kitsch, today they reign on all fashion catwalks. Such clothes emphasize the waist, making it look narrower and the stomach flatter. Contrary to appearances, strong colors even more distract attention from problem areas. A great idea is to combine a dark skirt or pants with a light shirt. Thanks to this treatment the torso is divided into two parts and the silhouette seems slimmer. It is also worth choosing pants according to your figure. If you have slim legs, choose narrow, close-fitting models, whereas for slimmer women, jogger pants or chinos with a high waist are recommended. Oversize blouses look equally good with pants to mask imperfections

  1. Buy longer blouses

Longer clothes that reach below the hip line optically elongate the figure. Shorter shirts or blouses, on the other hand, immediately draw the eye to the flaws we want to hide, such as a protruding belly and sides. The bottom edge of clothing is the most eye-catching, excessively widening the figure at the waist. In no case we recommend wearing short tops ending at the waist or hip line. Instead, it is worth loving longer cardigans, jackets and bedspreads, as they visibly slim the figure

  1. Wear dresses that mask a protruding tummy

Dresses are great for masking figure imperfections, as long as you know what cuts to choose. There are many cuts, which optically hide protruding belly, thus making a woman feel light and elegant. It should be remembered, however, that the cut suitable for one person, may not work at all for another. First of all, lower women usually look better in shorter dresses, usually ending before the knee line. On the other hand, for taller women styles reaching to the middle of the calves (midi length) or ankles (maxi length) are recommended. The best cuts of dresses for women with protruding tummy are those resembling the letter A and visibly flared under the bust. A-line dresses are fitted at the top, which exposes the bust, drawing the eye away from troublesome areas of the body. On the other hand, those cut off under the bust strongly expose the shoulders and neckline

  1. Use an optical illusion – wear navy stripes

Navy stripes in the upper part of the clothing make the silhouette appear slimmer. They optically lengthen the torso, working to the advantage of women. What else? If you want to draw attention to your figure’s weaknesses, wear clothes with a visible pattern or embroidery on blouses and shirts. In this case, however, remember that the decorative detail should be on the shoulder line and bust. Only then will it work in favor of the female figure. The pattern at this height will effectively draw the eye away from the protruding belly and visible flanks

  1. Pay attention to colors and types of fabric

This tip is just as important as the previous ones. Do you want to cover up imperfections on your figure? Wear clothes made of airy fabrics in darker colors. However, this does not mean limiting your choice of colors to black only. Navy blue, shades of grey or dark brown are also slimming colors. It is recommended to wear them more often than black or to combine the mentioned colors with each other. Total black look, although it seems to be the best solution, unfortunately it often overwhelms the figure and emphasizes its weaknesses. Graphite or navy blue works much better as an upper part of clothing. As for the materials, it is recommended to wear clothes made of viscose, chiffon and silk. They make the styling look light and feminine, and all problematic areas are covered up

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