Where to start trekking?

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Trekking is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and a great addition to your training plan. So, we suggest how to start trekking and what you will need at the beginning.

What to remember before the first expedition?

Before your first trek in the mountains, you should equip yourself with a few essentials. You will need appropriate clothing and accessories. What is the best choice?


This is extremely important. Never start climbing without proper shoes. Above all, they have to be durable and effectively protect your legs. Walking in the mountains in sandals or even sneakers is strongly discouraged. Make sure you choose the right size – mountain boots should fit you perfectly to avoid chafing and blisters. Also, opt for quality construction to make sure your footwear lasts for years to come, such as Salomon women’s trekking boots.


It’s important to wear the right clothes when you go hiking in the mountains. One of the most important factors is the season, but the weather in the mountains can surprise you even in summer. When it comes to mountain fashion, the “onion” method is undeniably the best. Remember that the closer you get to the summit, the colder the air becomes. The best solution is adapted, light and airy trekking clothing, which you can buy, for example, in a sports store. You will also need a hat – in summer choose a baseball cap to protect your head from the strong sun, and in winter a classic one to protect you from the cold. It’s also worth opting for thermal underwear, which pulls moisture away from your skin.


You should also get yourself a good quality backpack, in which you will have all the necessary things. It should be lightweight and comfortable, so you won’t have to carry it too hard. A backpack with many pockets and compartments is a good choice, so that everything doesn’t become a mess and you have everything at hand

What to take with you?

On a trekking expedition, in addition to appropriate clothing and accessories, you should also take other necessary items. First of all, remember to have a map with marked mountain trails. You will also need a flashlight and a camera to capture the beautiful mountain landscapes. Do not forget about provisions and drinks. It is best to take energy bars, dark chocolate, mineral water and coffee or tea in a thermos

Mountain trails in Poland for beginners

If you are starting your adventure with trekking, do not try to reach the highest peaks right away. It’s a good idea to start slowly, so that you can get some practice and experience, and then you’ll be able to tackle more and more difficult trails. What are the best trails in Poland to start with?

Start this list with a scenic route in the Pieniny Mountains, specifically the trail to Sokolica, 747 m above sea level. It offers breathtaking views, and at the very top you can see the famous Pieniny Pine, a symbol of the Pieniny Mountains.

An easier route can also be found in the Bieszczady Mountains, which are generally regarded as the most difficult mountains in Poland. You can hike to the summit of 1004 m above sea level, Dwernik Kamien. During the trip you will not only improve your condition, but also increase your knowledge of Bieszczady nature.

A beautiful trail for beginners can be found in Swietokrzyskie Mountains. This trail will take you to the highest peak of these mountains, Łysica. It is not a high mountain, as it is only 614 m above sea level, and it will take you about 40 minutes to complete the trail, if you set the spring in the village of Święta Katarzyna as the beginning.

Main photo: Eric Sanman/pexels.com

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